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Essay writing is intended to fashion ideas into an argument by describing, analyzing, and coherently discussing the point. For an essay to become successful, it has present a single idea at a time in a format that makes more sense to the reader. For a writer to be successful, they have to learn how to attend to the reader's logic.

How to move from an assignment to the topic of your essay

If you are not careful, you could intimidate yourself into an awful writing experience. Before you begin writing, ensure you are in the right state of mind. Keep yourself composed then read your assignment to understand what it requires of you. The process of writing a well-structured essay involves a series of steps. Each step is easily manageable and can help you work through the anxiety; you may feel if you are writing a college students essay for the first time. If you find yourself stalling, it could be because you skipped an essential step in the process.

Begin with the conversation

Above all, approach your college student essay as an opportunity to connect with the characters of your essay. If you are writing a narrative essay about college students, ensure you remain concentrated and stimulated around the characters you have chosen. Doing this will help you articulate your ideas correctly.

In other words, think of your essay as a chance to challenge yourself. For instance, you can create a narrative out of an ongoing conversation among scholars about college students. Then, you can find a way to navigate the discussion into the topic of the essay. As a result, you would have demonstrated to your reader the level of your intellectual development.

For instance, let's suppose that you have been asked to create a narrative around a problem that most college students face. You can create and frame an essay about a common problem such as social problems. You can attend to the subject of the essay as well as present your particular interests in the issue.

Finding your sources

You have to present a case for your essay and present the supporting evidence to back your claims. For example, in the college students essay sample above, the reader would want to see the statistics that prove that the problem in your essay exists. The only way to do this is by looking at the evidence and the clues about the situation.

So, do your research on the problems faced by college students. For example, check studies conducted on social issues, like failing to establish a connection with classmates and the impact it has on college students. Even if you know what to argue, your audience still would need to be persuaded that there truly is a social problem that needs to be addressed. Hence, you will need some reputable sources to bolster your case.

Primary and Secondary Sources

With regards to primary sources, these are the sources which have not been analyzed by anyone else. These sources include novels, data sources such as population census, and diary entries by college students, among other sources. On the contrary, secondary sources involve the use of supporting arguments and presenting counterarguments. These include books and academic essays.

There are basic rules that determine whether a source is primary or secondary. For example, if your college student essay advances from the argument that social problems in college need to be addressed, you are analyzing this argument, which makes it the primary source. However, if the topic of your essay cities statistics such as a four percent increase in depression as a result of increasing social problems in campuses, this functions as your secondary source.

Therefore, keep in mind that your essay for college students advances from your original argument that there is a social problem on college campuses. As you focus on this primary source, you can use a secondary source to emphasize the existence of the problem.

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The body of the essay

Any typical essay can contain different information that is often found in the body of the essay. The body of the essay performs many operations, such as introducing the reader to the argument, analyzing the supporting evidence, raising counterarguments, and making a conclusion.

How to answer questions from your reader for your essay?

The introduction and conclusion of your essay have fixed positions. For example, let's suppose that you are writing college students for and against essay on possible remedies to social problems faced by college students. In this case, you should present the summary and relevant theory or criticism at the beginning of the essay.

Ensure that it falls between the introduction of your essay and the first analytical section. Alternatively, it may also appear at the beginning of a section where the information you provide will be most relevant. On the contrary, the arguments and counterarguments can appear within a paragraph, either as part of the beginning or the end of the paragraph.

In the college students essay example above, you will present the reader with a summary of the problem. Establish the fact that social issues are growing among college students and list a few examples of social problems such as failing to connect with classmates. In this case, the effect will be a rise in depression among students. You can then criticize the arguments that depression comes as a result of such social problems.

How to answer the "what” question for your essay about college students?

The first question your reader anticipates that you'll answer "what." What evidence shows that the problem described in your thesis statement exists? To answer, examine the supporting evidence before you can demonstrate the truth behind your claim. Proving the claim comes early in the essay. Preferable directly after the introduction.

Report to the reader what you have observed about social problems on campuses. You can include personal experiences to reinforce your claim. For instance, let the reader know that there has been an increase in the number of depression cases. Also, most students reported having fewer friends after joining college. Furthermore, there is a growing feeling among students that they are becoming outcasts. Ensure this section of your essay takes about a third of your essay to balance the essay.

How to answer the "how” question for your essay on college students?

Your reader will want to know if there is truth behind your claims. The corresponding question for this is "How." How does the decrease in the number of friendships students form affect their mental state? How does the academic calendar affect the mental state of the students? And, how will changes to this calendar affect the rate of students with mental illnesses?

As a college students essay writing writer, your essay needs to have at least one section that is dedicated to answering these questions. This section should ideally come after the part that explains the "What” question. Keep in mind that college students essay writing complicates the arguments several times over. Your counterarguments may appear anywhere in your essay.

How to answer the "why?” Question for your essay about college students?

The reader also wants to know what's at stake. Why does your interpretation of what is causing mental illness among students matter to anyone besides you? Why is it necessary for colleges to change the campus experience for students? Why aren't social platforms helping to reduce the cases of depression even though a majority of students have hundreds of friends on social media?

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All these and other questions address the more significant implications of your essay. It allows your reader to comprehend the content of your essay in a broader context. By answering the question "why," your essay will be effectively answering for its significance. Although you might answer this question in some way in the introduction to your essay, the proper answer belongs towards the end of your essay. Consequently, if you leave it out of your essay, your reader will see the essay as unfinished, or pointless.

How to structure your essay on college students?

The best way to structure an essay is by following the reader's logic. To illustrate, this means that as a writer, you'll need to examine your essay and anticipate the essential points the reader needs to know. Moreover, the writer should also expect the sequence by which the reader will need this information, to convince the reader using the arguments as it unfolds.

The easiest way to come up with the best structure is by mapping all your ideas for the essay using a written narrative. Working your way around an essay using a written narrative will give a preliminary record of all the ideas you wish to include in the essay. Thus, you can quickly remind yourself about what the reader needs to understand at each section of the essay.

For instance, in the college students essay example above, you can anticipate that the readers will want to know the background of the problem. What other counterargument exists against the argument that social issues among college student are leading to a rise in depression at colleges. Moreover, the reader will want to conduct a close analysis of the primary and secondary sources that support your claim.

Mapping your essay

Above all, essay mapping is concerned with the sections of your essay more than it's concerned with paragraphs. The primary function of mapping your essay is to allow the writer to anticipate the significant arguments you expect the essay to make. To illustrate this, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Include a thesis statement.

Step 2: Write a sentence or two stating why it's essential to make a claim. In other words, say what the reader should expect to learn from exploring the claim with the writer. At this point, you'll be responding to the "Why” question.

Step 3: Begin the next sentences as follows; "To be convinced by my claim, the reader needs to ..." At this point, you should let the reader know that there are some things they need to be aware of. Then list one or two things that can help make a case for your argument. This will answer the question "what." Alternatively, you may give your reader some background information into the problems. The result remains the same.

Step 4: The next sentence will be answering the question "why" once again. Hence, begin the following sentence as follows; "The next thing the reader needs to know…" Then you can name some evidence that can help support your claim. Before you realize it, you would have mapped out your entire essay.

The map of your essay should take through all the preliminary answer to the corresponding questions stated above. Also, note that the order in which the ideas of your essay should appear is not a rigid one. Your essay should be flexible to allow it to evolve with your ideas.

Common mistakes that come-up in college students essay writing

Essay writing is a pretty challenging task. However, with the right amount of practice, anyone can become good at it. To ensure that your essay meets the best writing standards, go through your essay once it's finished to identify the mistakes you may have missed. Some of the most common errors associated with essay writing include; dangling sentences, spelling mistakes, poor subject-verb agreement, and sentence fragmentation, among others.


In the conclusion of your essay, you will be required to put your classification and analysis skills to work. So, if you spent the better part of the body of the essay gathering the facts to support your claim, you should summarise this content in the conclusion of your essay. Hence, you will have to offer your audience your final comment about the subject of the essay. Also, explain to the reader why you are taking a particular stand were applicable. The conclusion is the impression you leave the reader. Make sure that by the time you arrive at the end of the essay, you have delivered your promise to the reader.

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