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How To Write A Descriptive Essay

I want to create an essay in the best way I can; well, this is one of these most intuitive thoughts that almost all students bear in light of completing their school assignments.

As students, we want to adhere to the writing style we align with the university or college we are in. In our various assignments, we come across tasks related to this article or that require us to describe something.

What is important is that writing a descriptive essay is one of the most exciting tasks we can undertake. With good descriptive essay topics, nothing can be more enjoyable than writing this kind of article, whether you are doing it as an assignment or just for the love of writing.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay

While it’s common knowledge that we have plenty of descriptive essay topics provided by various online platforms, it’s no longer a question of numbers but the appropriateness of this problem that matters. This direct link between this description and the audience it seeks to address becomes a matter of interest and determinant of the chosen topic.

Just as we realize that descriptive essays are inevitable encounters for a student during their studies, we must appreciate that when well mastered, descriptive essay writing proves beneficial in the academic journey.


What Is A Descriptive Essay In Comparison With A Simple Description?

Well, the question is best answered by looking at the goals of the two comparable. Whereas the target of a descriptive essay is to tell your readers something about a place, a situation, an object, a person or an incident, a simple description’s goal is to explain something too.

Of course, it also hinges on explaining a topic or a subject. It’s having established that these two shares a similar goal, so what makes them different? A descriptive essay is drawn from personal imagination and uses sensory information to expound on a subject.

Also, the article is drawn from the head of the writer and not on research or what others say; it’s just based on what the writer thinks. That simple description, therefore, does not require an injection of emotion into the content but just a plain explanation of the subject.

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How To Write A Descriptive Essay

Writers need to organize their thoughts around a topic before delving into the nitty-gritty of writing because ordinarily, all forms of writing take a particular shape or organization but are based on a topic. It’s a similar situation with descriptive essays. This arrangement is in three levels: introduction, body, and conclusion.

We must remember that writing begins with conceptualization, whereby we engage our mind in generating an idea. When we have a topic and ideas well defined, we move to the next level: writing.

Creating An Introduction For A Descriptive Essay

Imagine a speech that begins without an introduction or a professor who walks into a class for the first time, offers his lessons, and then walks out without telling their students who he is. The student will likely not pay attention in the next class he lectures, and they will probably not like him.

This can also happen to a descriptive essay that does not have an introduction. The importance of a paragraph that tells these recipients of a particular document about that topic cannot be overlooked. Descriptive essays have a topic sentence and thesis statement in the introduction section.

Creating The Body For A Descriptive Essay

Here, we elaborate on all points and tailor them to support this thesis statement. Importantly, body sections should descriptively put readers in the scene. These body paragraphs should not exceed three and should addressiptive essay topics. The secret to writing this section is that the ideas should connect and flow smoothly.

Writing A Conclusion For A Descriptive Essay

This is the ending or section that summarises the descriptive essay. The conclusion is brief and concise, with points reinforcing this thesis. As we write an end, it’s imperative to link all sections of the essay in this section and give the reader an overview of the whole article.

Drafting A Descriptive Essay

As a writer, you need a guide or road-map to aid you. The best way to write an article is to be able to see it, albeit in a sketch, before it’s entirely written. Just like an outline for any paper, the draft will bear all information that the writer will use in the final descriptive essay about a person.

The content of the draft may not be as intensive as those that the article will have, but all the same, they need to be the most vital points. Remember not to treat the draft superficially. Take your time creating an excellent draft that will be reflected in the paper.

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Editing a Descriptive Essay

This is a critical stage that a writer can ignore at their own risk. Editing is like putting the last touches to work to present it as a complete package. The reader should not have any problem enjoying your piece like a plate of your favourite meal. Never submit a paper full of mistakes just because you never took the time to go through it.

Edit your article to establish if it has a logical flow and the least mistakes. Given that a descriptive essay about a person is a communication document, failure to check the paper for correction will amount to noise, thus impeding this message.

Reread your essay with a fresh mind. Taking an extended break is recommended, and then starting the reading. Advisably, taking time and reading a descriptive essay about a person aloud helps establish possible errors or fragmentations.

If you use online tools, remember to read the article again. More so, use some online editing platforms to check on grammar and never hesitate to reject some prompts that may change the context or invalidate the descriptive essay topic you have settled on.

Topics For Descriptive Essays

  • My Favorite film: here, you describe the plot of the movie in addition to the episodes within the film that you want your readers to know about.
  • The favourite actor or actress: it’s essential to describe why you like the actor or actress so that readers can understand and have similar feelings for the star.
  • The novel I love so much: as compared to another descriptive essay about a place or people, this one is about an object, and it’s paramount to let your readers know that you do not only love it, but you also have it at home. They should know how the characters within that book make it enjoyable to you and why they also need to read it.
  • My dream home: given that you don’t own the house yet, it’s essential to let the power of imagination describe the situation. Paint a picture of the dream home in the readers’ minds so they can also feel that they are inside that house in your home. How is it decorated, or how big or small is your home? Where is it located?
  • The best friend: we all have friends, not just one but many. In this case, you want people to know that this particular friend is just different and unique to you in some way. Well, you need to let the readers appreciate this valuable friend. Tell them why he is the best and when you first met them.
  • On the first trip overseas: you let your friends know about the journey by telling them exactly where you travelled to and the day or date that you travelled. Explain your expectations and whether they were met or not. Additionally, you can explain to your readers’ things you will never forget about this trip.
  • What I remember the most: we have come across plenty of things or events in our lives, but there is always that first one we do not forget easily. In this case, in our descriptive essays, we should establish our comfort or discomfort with such a sensitive topic and write about it only when we are convinced that it’s what we want to do.
  • The first person I fell in love with: it’s always exciting to fall in love for the first time, and we may want to tell others about it through a descriptive essay. In this case, we are advised to ensure that this essay is about that topic and should not deviate from a diary detailing our romantic escapades.
  • My unforgettable concert: we attended many events and functions, but the show for the first time could be ideal for descriptive essay topics. We need to explain what was so interesting about that concert and why we will not forget about it even though we have attended many other gigs.
  • When I first used the internet: well, not all of us have used this great discovery older generation might be struggling with it, but if you are technologically averse, this is excellent descriptive writing you may consider. So, the internet could be a good topic.
  • My favourite genre of music: we all love music, don’t we? When giving descriptions of the genre of music we love, it’s imperative to let your audience or readers know why we love it and how different it’s from other styles. How does it make us feel? All these should be vividly explained in descriptive writing.
  • When I first shed a tear of joy: well, this is exciting because a tear for something that has made us happy would bring out an article that emotionally connects with your readers of our article.
  • When I boarded a plane: it was my first flight, and I must have felt great. What was it like? Here we give a bit of our experience and what happened that day. Let your readers know what you saw inside this plane and why you will never forget that flight. Given that many would be afraid to board a flight because of plenty of stories they have heard, think or how you want to let your readers either feel like they would have their first flights or not.
  • The longest journey ever: you may assume that all of us like travelling but that may not be the case. Some would indeed jump on that idea of travelling no matter how far the journey takes them, but some may be sceptical about long trips. In a descriptive essay about a place, we need to give our readers an idea about this place we travelled to and why we think it took much time to arrive there.
  • The career I dream of: wow! This is another opportunity to use imagination and tell the readers what is so exciting about the profession.


Descriptive essay topics are essential in developing an excellent article that warrants readers’ attention. The writer applying their understanding of the subject makes descriptive essay writing about a person or place more interesting.

No research must be carried out to fulfil the writing task. In any case, the writer needs a topic they identify with and then accomplishes this task.

As we embark on writing this essay, it’s important not to detach our real feelings and emotions because that is all about a descriptive essay about a place or person.

Even when faced with the challenges of completing assignments and beating deadlines, students should have each of their tips and tricks to do their tasks and apply professionalism in their essays.

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