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How To Write A Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal can be defined as a paper giving information on the steps that the final thesis paper will contain. It is a brief representation of the itemized list of events during the research.

It might be defined as the paper before the main paper, which gives some of the most important initial steps for a student pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. program. Because of its importance in helping the students plan, the paper must be considered the first undertaking in generating a final paper.

How To Write A Dissertation Proposal

How write a dissertation proposal is very important because it serves several purposes, such as persuading the university senate that the document will indeed be based on a worthy topic besides providing answers to critical questions. Additionally, one’s academic proficiency can also be demonstrated via their ability to draft a good dissertation proposal.

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The dissertation proposal outline writing projects the writer is capable of in the sense that:

  1. It indicates that the substance of the questioned poses will be exhaustively addressed.
  2. It is a planning process and a foundation upon which information will be collected from various sources.
  3. It helps in finding materials appropriate to the area of focus, thus a starter of how to write a dissertation proposal.
  4. It helps in weighing various suppositions, thus allowing the writer to research them and settle on the most appropriate dissertation proposal template.
  5. The dissertation proposal template will additionally present the scholarly readers with sound and relevant ideas.

The dissertation proposal writing further elevates ideas by lending them clarity. It briefly presents contestations/arguments to the readers and provides a roadmap that readers can follow through to the conclusion of the work done. It is brief and not a document detailing the content of the research; therefore, the writer should not attempt to prove various points but instead steer the reader in line with the proposal’s focus.


Dissertation proposal example

Considerably, a writer’s dissertation proposal example should:

  1. Inquire into the effect that it asks what the problem is
  2. Justify the identified problem.
  3. Provide the implications and the substance of the identified problem and why it ought to be settled
  4. In brief, it should be able to clearly explain to the readers the sources that will provide solutions to the inquiries.
  5. Provisions for reasons informing the use of the sources.

A good dissertation proposal example should be traceable to one’s field of study so that they can provide information from an informed point. As per the example that will be partially discussed, the field of study is communication.

Therefore, the writer should be vivid and unambiguous in presenting the idea. The summary and the suppositions made should be as logical as possible.

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To achieve all these, the following are required of the writer:

  1. A determination ought to be made on the provided due date from the university’s responsible department.
  2. Determination of the list of academic sources to be employed in the process of writing the proposal. You can make lists ranging from books, academic journals, websites, reviewed papers, videos and films, newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, observations, and so on.
  3. Re-assessing the research questions to establish whether good objectives, research questions, and conceptual framework have been drafted. All these require a writer to engage in thinking before the commencement of the dissertation proposal writing. Additionally, the writer must put in their mind the fact that there will be several questions emanating from the main questions. Several sites can help with structuring the questions so that they will meet the required format, eventually attracting the relevant answers.
  4. Because various universities allocate the student lecturers or professors with immense experience in writing a dissertation proposal, in the course of developing the document contents, the student must identify modus operand so that they don’t waste a lot of time consulting or scheduling meetings with the supervisor. The method of operation will ensure that there is a common ground upon which to work other than providing the necessary pressure to adhere to the deadlines.

The Basic Structure of A Dissertation Proposal

The Basic Things That Should Be Within It. The dissertation proposal should include in it the following:


This is the topic of the research which should be structured in a way that it has both independent and dependent variables. The importance of the variables in a topic will give the writer a broader approach regarding how they will think. G

Even that it is a dissertation proposal, it must present a comparable basis. The topic or the title chosen must not only be brief but also vividly put to be addressed by the inquiry or the study.

An example of a heading The impact of internal communication on employee productivity: a case study of John Hopkins Hospital

Background of the Study

The background of the study essentially provides a story behind the study or what is also known as the reason for the study. This part requires the student to give in brief justifiable reasons why they will be conducting the study.

Using credible sources such as those informing the background is also advisable without assuming. In brief, the background should entail the following:

  • The student should be able to provide the study area and briefly explain the topic of the study area.
  • A brief review of the literature should also characterize this part. In other words, a summary of the literature review’s content will be.
  • In summation, the major contestations and the progressions in the field of study that will impact the research.

An example of a starting background of the study statement is that John Hopkins Hospital management has made efforts to improve internal communication in the hospital to appreciate the role internal communication plays in creating a mutual understanding between the organization and the employee so that productivity can be enhanced.

Research Questions in a Sample of Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal reflects the final paper that will be presented to the committee. Formulation of good questions should be factored in clearly and convincingly. In addition to the clarity, the questions should be well explained to give the professor an idea about the issues. For example:

  1. How does upward communication contribute to employee increasing productivity at John Hopkins Hospital?
  2. To what extent does horizontal communication contribute to effective staff appraisals at the hospital?
  3. To what extent does downward communication contribute to executing tasks within a specified time frame?
  4. Research Techniques and Methodology

The techniques and the methods that will be applied should be contained in the dissertation proposal template.

  • This part should have conceptual and theoretical frameworks as guidelines for the final process.
  • What will data collection techniques be applied, whether the research will be purposive or descriptive, quantitative or qualitative? One can also state whether they will apply quota, clustered, stratified, or convenient sampling methods.
  • A justification of the methods chosen must be clearly stated.
  • For example, a convenient sampling technique will be used because the study scope will be the John Hopkins Hospital neurosurgery department.

Road Map Indicating The Time Within Which Each Task Will Be Carried Out

It is imperative that at this juncture, the dissertation proposal template should contain various steps and the time within which they will be accomplished. Having a map indicates when each task will be done and the objectives each intends to achieve.

The time frame can be in terms of years ranging from 3 to 6 depending on the study module of the student. I.e., whether a student is a regular or a part-time student will determine the length of time taken to complete the thesis.

Reference Page

How to write a dissertation proposal also requires a student to have. Reference page listing the sources following the writing style adopted, whether APA, Harvard, or MLA.


A dissertation proposal outline is key to building a basis for the final research thesis. Therefore, it determines the final document to a greater degree, given that the writer will use it as the roadmap to the very end.

Besides the document being a requirement, it helps guide the research process and the materials that will be used.

How to write a dissertation proposal must, therefore, be preceded by a document that has also been researched in advance. It cannot be that the final paper draws from arbitrarily thought documents. A sample dissertation proposal other than being winding must also be brief.

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