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Traveling to a place is picturesque as the Amazon forest can awaken in you the desire to tell people why they need to come and see for themselves. Otherwise, it can show you a few reasons why Ecotourism is not all that it seems. At the end of the day, an essay about Ecotourism is a great way to talk about any of this.


The word ecotourism probably brings to mind images of scuba diving and coral reefs, canopy walks through rainforests, safaris with Lions and zebras, etc. And those are all right. They are ecotourism examples and activities.

Ecotourism, though, is not restricted to these things. It goes beyond the cute pictures and fun exercises.

Ecotourism, as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is "the practice of touring natural habitats in a manner meant to minimize the ecological impact" (Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2019). This also includes the active participation of the resident communities of these ecotourist sites.

Ecotourism unites conservation activities, human communities, natural habitats, and ecologically friendly travel. In spite of all these beneficial activities, ecotourism also has its negative effects. Someone of this opinion would not write an ecotourism advantages essay but would focus on these negative impacts. Or you can choose to write an essay that compares both ideas without bias.

When writing an essay about a subject you are interested in, you need to do it well so your readers can also be interested. You need to write so well that your readers see the logic of your stance and even if you do not convince them away from their opinions, you succeed in making a good impression on them.

Essays are varied and different, and the type of essay you need to write depends on the question of your subject matter. These essays include; narrative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, argumentative essays, comparative essays, and analytical essays. This article will give you an understanding of the ecotourism industry, essays and how to write the best essay about ecotourism.

The Ecotourism industry

Ecotourism can be said to be going to visit anywhere in nature where the environment is protected and the local residents are well looked after. The Ecotourism industry comprises of all and any activity that is focused on the maintenance and upkeep of the ecosystem. some characteristics of Ecotourism attractions are the fact that they make use of renewable energy, they support upcycling and recycling, recirculation of water, etc. In addition to all these local residents benefit by receiving job opportunities to work in this industry.

The Ecotourism industry is governed by a number of strategies, regulations, and policies. These are created by a body of people from different sectors that make up this industry. These sectors include:

  • Environmental Sciences.

This sector brings knowledge of ecological conservation and sustainability to the table. Environmental scientists are knowledgeable in integrating practice and design for the benefit of the ecosystem.

  • Marine Biology and Oceanography.

As the name suggests, this sector is concerned with the conservation and sustainable use of the marine ecosystem. This includes aquatic life and marine habitats. The marine ecotourism destinations are already quite popular and economically friendly.

  • Archaeologists and Historians.

In preserving or restoring an environment, it is important to note its history. This is where historians and archaeologists come in. They study the history of an ecosystem so as to know what the current state of that environment is. Is it in decline? Is it growing and improving? This knowledge is how they help the ecotourism industry.

  • Wildlife Management.

This is a sector responsible for maintaining a balance between animals in the wild and humans. Their objective is to foster biodiversity and this is beneficial to the Ecotourism industry. Wildlife managers are not zookeepers, they work with these animals in their indigenous habitats. Also, they are responsible for keeping poachers at bay.

  • Geographic Information Systems.

The use of geographic information in the Ecotourism industry is quite important, as these conservation locations need to be mapped out and studied; for planning and for the purpose of Ecotourism.

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  • Wildlife Photography.

A tourist attraction is not complete without pictures and videos to tell the tales of beauty and wonder. Wildlife photography is important because it promotes the Ecotourism industry. It creates images that can be transmitted globally so as to attract tourists and encourage the commencement of these eco-friendly practices in other locations.

The ecotourism industry while being very beneficial, still has some drawbacks. And, in spite of the efforts being made to improve on these fronts, the following remain challenges to this industry.

  • Confiscation of uncharted/unexplored lands.

The ecotourism industry, worldwide, has been guilty of collecting wide stretches of unexplored lands for their own purpose. Regardless of if these unexplored lands have had some sort of cultural significance to the indigenous people of that area.

  • Some ecotourism destinations have also been guilty of erecting artificial villages and structures just to give an ecotourist location a look of authenticity. This is usually because the target audience of these efforts is the urban and well to do, who need an "authentic" rural getaway.
  • Most of the employment opportunities that are given to local residents are usually quite menial. These jobs are not enough to make a real livelihood and are not very ecologically inclined in nature. These jobs include tour guides, porters, vendors, etc.

Understanding Essays

In order to understand how to write a great ecotourism essay, one needs to understand essays themselves. And to do this, you need to be informed about why essays are written in the first place. Academically, the purpose of an essay is to test a number of things in a student. These include:

  • A student's knowledge. An essay might be given because a tutor desires to test and assess the students' knowledge on a certain subject matter. This is usually done to ascertain what is known already by the student, and what areas need to be covered.
  • A student's comprehension. In this case, an essay is assigned to check your ability to comprehend ideas, issues, and events. They also test a student's ability to explain what he has understood.
  • A student's ability to collect and analyze data from different sources. Essays also test a student's ability to do research for information on the subject matter, understand and analyze this information and interpret your findings to suit your thesis statement.
  • A student's argument abilities. Essays assess the ability of a student to argue out their points of view. Also, the student's ability to persuade readers on the validity of their views.
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  • A student's skills in written English. Writing essays is a way to assess a student's skills in written English. Their ability to coherently write and explain their views with good grammar and spelling.

Now the next step in understanding essays is understanding the types of essays we have. Majorly there are two types; informal and formal essays. But essentially there are about six (6) types of essays. These include:

  • Descriptive Essays:

A descriptive essay, like its name implies, describes memories, events, experiences, places, people, cultures, etc. And this is done by using words that stimulate your readers' senses. From tastes, smells, sounds, sights, textures, etc. All these, if effectively done describe a detailed picture to the reader. A descriptive essay for ecotourism would probably describe a writer's experience during a trip to a conservation center.

  • Argumentative Essays:

This type of essay makes an argument for two contrasting views. The writer talks extensively about these two opinions, but the writer's preferred stance is also made clear. This essay is written with the objective of the reader to agree and even adopt the writer's view. An argumentative essay, in this case, would be an "ecotourism for and against essay."

  • Expository Essays:

Expository essays are written to give the readers your unbiased and balanced view of your subject matter. This is possible only if you, the writer, have an in-depth knowledge of this subject matter. And so writing this type of essay requires thorough research and even experience. In the case of the expository essay for ecotourism, it is advised that you actually immerse yourself in some of these experiences, so as to gain firsthand knowledge.

  • Narrative Essays:

This is one of the favored types of essays, especially in ecotourism essay writing. It can be said to be a type of essay that tells stories and narrates experiences that the writer might have had or heard about. The narrative essay when well written, gives the reader a very vivid image of your experiences, allowing them to experience it with you. A narrative essay for ecotourism will usually give the reader a detailed account of the writer's ecotourism experience both good and bad.

  • Analytical Essays:

An analytical essay does the job of collecting data, examining it, analyzing this data and interpreting it into information. This entire process is shared in the essay. This type of essay breaks the subject matter down into bite sizes, which are then properly explained according to the writer's understanding. Analytical ecotourism essay writing can be quite in-depth and time-consuming. This is worth it as the reader learns a lot more about the ecotourism sector.

  • Comparative Essays:

This essay compares and contrasts two differing views on a subject matter. It is done by writing a balanced view of these two different opinions. And also, as the writer, you should not pick a preferred side or let the readers know the opinion you are partial towards. An ecotourism for and against essay accomplishes this if the writer shows no bias.

Important things to note when writing an Ecotourism essay

Writing an ecotourism essay can be done the regular way or the excellent way. In order to write excellent ecotourism here are a few things to note.

  • Be original. In order to write a great ecotourism essay, you need to have an argument that is original and peculiar to your subject matter. Your opinions should be well thought out
  • Solid understanding of the subject matter. An excellent essay about ecotourism is dependent on the depth of your knowledge and understanding of your subject matter. Thorough research helps you accomplish this.
  • Thesis statement. This is one of the most important parts of your essay. It should not be overlooked and it should be structured right. A well-written thesis statement will tell your reader what exactly to expect from your essay. They are short, to the point and ideally located at the end of your introduction.
  • Structured and intelligent debate. An excellent ecotourism essay is well structured and has intelligent points to make. This structure helps develop your points and makes your essay flow with ease from paragraph to paragraph.
  • Only relevant information. The purpose of an essay is to give the readers information and to persuade them. Every word used in your essay must buttress this fact. You must not muddle your essay with unnecessary information.
  • Excellent grammar. It should go without saying that an exceptional essay is one that is free of grammatical and /or spelling errors. The words used should not be ambiguous and should be relevant to the subject matter. The use of appropriate jargon is encouraged.
  • Use an essay plan or outline. An outline helps you structure your thoughts and knowledge of the subject matter to fit your topic. With an outline writing an essay becomes easier as this aids your essay structure. Your outline should include the introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • Stay in line with the question asked. When writing an essay, it is usually in response to a specific question. You should endeavor to write your essay in line with this question and avoid writing just how you see fit or about what you prefer.
  • Review, review, and review again. The importance of proofreading your work cannot be emphasized enough. This helps you avoid silly mistakes and serious ones too. Reviewing your work has the effect of showing you ways to make it better and even gives you ideas about things to write. So this tip is really important.


People have different opinions on the subject of ecotourism and this colors how they write. It could be an ecotourism advantages essay or one about its disadvantages. It is really important that as a writer, you are clear about this beforehand.

A well-written ecotourism essay will inform your readers and persuade them to see things from your point of view. This is the article to read when you want to write an outstanding essay on ecotourism.

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