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An Essay on Global Warming [1900+ Words]

In this article we will discuss an Essay on Global Warming, its causes, Effects and solutions. Global warming is the disturbing, rapid and sometimes unstoppable rise in global average surface temperature of Earth. It is occurring because of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and clearing forests. These activities give off heat-trapping gases that are building up in our atmosphere.

The most important greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor. These gases have a warming effect that is caused by their absorption of infrared radiation (heat) from the Sun. The gases also trap heat within the atmosphere and Earth, causing temperatures to rise.

Global Warming has become a challenge to humanity. It is happening due to increase of heat trapping gases in the atmosphere. We are responsible for the increase of these gases in the atmosphere through activities like burning fossil fuels, deforestation and changing land use.

It’s time to address this serious issue. Now that we have Planet Earth warming at a troubling rate, we must listen to the expertise of climate scientists and other scientists who are concerned about the long-term potential effects of global warming.

An Essay on Global Warming

An Essay on Global Warming


Global warming is the increase of the average temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere. It has been happening for many decades now and scientists are just starting to realize that it’s not a good thing – people are beginning to invent a lot more ways to reduce emissions, but we’re probably already feeling some effects of climate change.

Global warming has been happening for many years now, but most people are unaware of it because the Earth changes as much as it does naturally, and the change seems to be happening gradually.

So the debate is raging within the scientific community on whether or not global warming appears to be coming soon, and if so, what will happen. Some people think that we’ll all die because of how cold we’ve been lately, while others think that in a generation or two we’ll be fine, with warmer weather and no one else to notice it.

Causes of Global Warming

There are several scientific theories on what could cause global warming, but one of them is the ozone layer. Scientists say that this is being destroyed by man-made chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons.

The chemicals are being used in air conditioners, aerosol sprays, and refrigerators. Because the chemicals are emitted from small canisters which are transported to different areas of the world rapidly, it’s not so rare that they get into the atmosphere.

Some countries have banned the use of chlorofluorocarbons, but so far it’s more difficult to manufacture non-toxic alternatives, and many do not want to change their habits.

Effects of Global Warming

Effects Global Warming has on the Environment

The following are some of the effects global warming has on the environment:

(a) The melting of glaciers and polar icecaps. When these melt, it causes sea levels to rise, resulting in the flooding of coastal areas. Also, a great deal of oxygen is produced when ice melts into water, and this can cause ocean waters to become less acidic. Once this occurs, many animals will perish.

(b) The melting of snow and the bitter cold that it brings. When snow melts, this causes the ground to become more susceptible to floods. Water tends to seep into the ground and later into lakes. Also, when snow melts, it exposes an area of land to further sun damage from direct exposure.

(c) The expansion of drought-prone areas as temperatures rise. Also, increasing heat in the atmosphere can cause rainfall patterns that have been established to change greatly.

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Effects of Global Warming on Agriculture

Many crops may die each year due to the increased temperatures of about 2-4 degrees. This occurs because crops need a certain amount of water at certain temperatures in order for them to grow and produce their fruit. This can be disastrous for many regions, including Africa which could be hit hardest.

Effects Global Warming on Transportation

Global warming can affect transportation in a number of ways. If it becomes warmer, air travel will be more popular because the air is less dense and more comfortable for passengers. This means that more airplanes will be used and this could lead to increased pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases, which would cause global warming to get even worse.

Also, newer and more fuel-efficient vehicles may be more popular in warmer temperatures. However, this could cause problems for the governments because they do not want to raise taxes on their citizens due to the higher prices of cars.

Effects of Global Warming Water Resources

Water resources are also very important for human life. Because global warming can cause many changes in water resources, it could lead to some problems that could hurt human populations. One of these is the salination of fresh water sources.

As global warming increases, precipitation will fall as rain in places that are normally dry or desert areas. Since salt is found in most soils, it will be left behind when it rains. As a result, this will cause an increase in the salinity levels of fresh water sources like lakes and rivers, which could lead to the death of many animals and plants.

Effects of Global Warming on Health

Global warming could lead to some serious health problems. Some of these are increasing heat waves and a greater incidence of heat waves, which is what happens when the temperature exceeds extreme limits and reaches levels that are dangerous to human life, as well as causing damage to property.

This can cause air conditioning usage to rise drastically, especially in areas that are hot all year long. A large percentage of people in these areas will be using air conditioning all the time because they will be uncomfortable with the extreme temperatures. This could cause many problems because of the increased usage of air conditioning.

In addition, global warming could lead to an increase in cases of asthma and allergies. This can be due to increased ozone levels. Global warming can also lead to an increase in cases of frostbite, since freeze-freeze cycles are interrupted on a larger scale. Economic repercussions caused by a possible increase in energy costs would be huge for most countries, especially those that already have large debts.

Also, damage caused by cold spells could easily reach many hundred million dollars per year globally.In addition to these, there could be an increase in diseases caused by air pollution. In particular, it is likely that there will be an increase in the incidence of asthma due the higher levels of ozone.

Allergic reactions to particulate matter could increase because of the increased ozone levels. Increased ultraviolet radiation could also lead to skin cancer and eye damage from exposure to the sun. It is estimated that over 500,000 people could die from skin cancer each year if this level increases by 50%.

Effects of Global Warming on Tourism

Tourism is a huge industry that brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year. However, it could be seriously hurt by global warming. This is because the tourism industry relies heavily on certain conditions such as comfortable temperatures.

Suppose tourism levels drop by 20% due to global warming – this would mean a loss of billions of dollars from the federal government as taxes from these businesses come in. Also, those who work in the tourism industry would be out of a job because of the loss of tourist’s money. There are also various indirect ways in which people could be hurt by global warming.

For instance, many tourists often come to areas where they can swim and play sports. If these activities become impossible due to global warming, increased suicide rates may occur. There could also be an increase in illegal immigrants because so many people may want to move to more habitable areas.

Global Warming Threats

Following are some of the threats posed by global warming:

(a) The melting of the Arctic Ice may cause further damage to the ozone layer. This may cause radiation to be trapped in the atmosphere, which could severely damage life forms on Earth. When this happens, there is no chance that a new ozone layer will ever reappear.

(b) Farming may become difficult because most crops are affected by changes in weather patterns brought about by global warming. Crops can be destroyed by floods and droughts, and then farming would be a thing of the past.

(c) Ocean life may disappear because of the warming temperatures. Most fish are heat-loving creatures and when the water temperature increases, many fish will begin to die. However, there is still a possibility that some species could adapt by migrating to cooler climates.

(d) The melting of glaciers causes a great deal of erosion – rocks and soil are easily eroded by wind and rain, causing damage to forests, which protect the ground from erosion. When this occurs forests can be lost in an instant.

(e) Warmer weather and invasive species. Many organisms are great at adapting to the temperature and will take advantage of the warm climate, causing many natural habitats to be destroyed by creatures that we thought were long gone.

Trend in Temperature

In the last five years of temperature measurements, scientists have been able to detect a downward trend in global warming. This may be due to the lower emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

Also, there’s the fact that some of our ways of preserving nature (such as population control, better land use management policies, and more efficient technology) are starting to work out for us.

But, there are still many factors that can cause global warming – and it’s not a good thing. If the ozone layer is destroyed, our atmosphere will be completely exposed to all of the radiation from the sun, and our atmosphere will heat up so quickly that we won’t have time to react.

Source of CO2 Emissions in the Atmosphere (CO2)

Since the industrial revolution, fossil fuels have been the primary source of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. This is because natural processes such as photosynthesis, decay, and respiration in plants and animals do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They are also a major component in natural causes of rising CO2 levels.

Although there are many forms of fossil fuel that contribute to CO2 emissions, they all derive from oil or coal.

Specific examples are oil, natural gas, and coal. The burning of these fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide, which is put into the atmosphere by means of combustion. In addition to this there are other methods that also contribute to higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, such as deforestation, forest fires, and animal respiration.

Solutions to the Problem of Global Warming

There are several ways to solve global warming, but none of them are easy. If we don’t reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, the world could be in worse shape than it is now.

One way to fix the problem would be to put a blanket over our entire planet and turn the ozone layer into a “solar shield” of sorts, which would help protect us from ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately, this is not a solution that’s possible in the short term.

In order to fix the problem, we would have to drastically change many of our society’s habits and make changes to our technology. These solutions will cause many difficulties for individuals and societies, but if we work together things could turn out easier than expected.

Although there are many ways of fixing the problem of global warming, some ideas are more reasonable than others.

These ideas include:

(a) Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by reducing industrial emissions.

(b) Stop deforestation. This will reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is a major contributor to global warming. This can be done through planting trees and improving waste management.

(c) Improve energy conservation methods, such as switching over to more efficient engines, and switch over to renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, etc.

(d) Improve population control methods so that we don’t overuse our resources.

(e) Stop using fossil fuels as a major source of energy. Research new ways of getting energy from alternative sources instead, such as solar, wind, or nuclear power.

Global Warming Essay Conclusion

Global warming is a problem that can only be managed. We have no way to completely stop it because it is caused by natural and human causes. But we can make it a lot easier on ourselves and not do anything more than we have to by reducing our carbon dioxide emissions, monitoring the spread of invasive species, and working to remove harmful practices from our society. But only if we work together as a society will this be possible.

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