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An Essay on Importance of Education [1500+ Words]

Hi, in this article we’ll be discussing an Essay on Importance of Education. We all know that education is important. It’s one of the reasons our society spends so much time, money and resources on it. But what is the importance of education? Education can help create a more equitable workforce by bringing greater equality to those who never attended school and those who were students in a traditional school setting. Education can also make the work world safer and free from discrimination when it comes to matters like hiring practices, work scheduling and promotions.

An Essay on Importance of Education

An Essay on Importance of Education


Education is something that everyone deserves. It is often said that the level of education you have influences your income levels, so it is incredibly important to give everyone a chance at an equal education.

One way to do this, without denying anyone the chance at good education, would be to force every child in school no matter what their intelligence or skill set may be. Every child needs to be given a chance and can achieve just as much as someone with more innate skills in the subject area if they are given the opportunity and means for success.

On the same note, it is important to remember that education is not just about getting a good education and a high income, it is also about preparing young people to be good citizens. This can be accomplished by introducing them to the concept of ethics and morality early on through their education.

Education is the most important prerequisite to success in life

Every human being must have a fair chance to get a valuable education in order to be successful in any profession scene. A good education makes people more aware of their rights and duties which makes them sensitive and more responsible towards society. Education is the most important prerequisite to success in life.

The better educated person is, the more intelligent he or she is and hence can do things better. Without a proper education there would be no progress and development in any country or state of affairs. Education makes people more aware of their rights and duties as well as how society works.

By educating individuals about the objectives of a country and how it is built and maintained, they can be better citizens and care for their community. Education is a lifelong process from childhood to old age, thus every person should have at least basic education that they can use wherever they are in life.

Education should not be viewed in just school but also the environment that children get during those hours that they are in school. People should be exposed to other cultures, faiths, ideas and understandings. This would help them to make better decisions in life and avoid being biased towards some groups.

Moreover, the government should not only provide money for a school but also set up state schools, which are free of cost for everyone who wants to attend and receive a good education. By doing this there would be no room for corruption in education and the quality of education will improve significantly, thus making everybody more successful in life.

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Education has a Direct Effect on the Income Levels of a person’s life

Right from a child to an adult, education has a great effect on the income levels of one’s life time. It is well established that the more educated a person is, the higher their income levels will be. Without proper education and skills, it would be very difficult for any person to earn a lot of money in their lifetime.

Education needs to be given as much importance as any other profession because it makes people more successful in life. On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that by limiting access to education is not the right thing because it will contribute to more poor people in society. Instead of limiting education, everyone should have an equal chance at education so that everyone gets a fair opportunity and not be left behind in life due to lack of proper education.

By providing free or subsidized education for children, families would not have to worry about their children receiving an excellent quality of education. Anyone with a good level of education regardless of their financial status can earn more money to take care of them and their families. By doing this, there would be a large percentage of highly educated people in the country, which will make the country better off economically as well.

Role of Education in Building up Social Harmony

Education plays an important role in building up social harmony in a country or state. It is well known that the more educated a person is, the better and more successful they are. Moreover, education also teaches people how to take care of themselves and their families and what they need to do in order to be self-sufficient.

Another advantage of education is that it also gives people a better outlook towards life, thus being less likely to commit crimes. Teaching people how to take care of themselves, or even teach them how to take care of their families and themselves is the most basic form of education. It is about building up self-reliance in any individual’s life.

Education is vital for a person to have a peaceful and healthy life. It gives the person a better understanding of how to manage their money, health, as well as other skills such as cooking and taking care of others too. All these things are very highly regarded when it comes to educating individuals in a country because they will help them in life.

Education helps a person acquire useful Job Skills and Knowledge

Education is not only about getting good marks in exams but also acquiring useful skills that a person can use later in life. It is not only the degrees and qualifications that matter, but also the knowledge and skills that a person learns during his or her education. Thus, education plays an important role in helping a person acquire such skills.

By acquiring useful skills and knowledge that they can apply later in life, it will help them to make a better living for themselves and their families. There are many ways in which people use their acquired skills after they have graduated from college or university.

They can use them in their profession, industries and businesses. They can also use them in their community such as by volunteering. By acquiring skills people can be more successful in life through their careers.

Education helps Acquire Identity and Cultural Awareness

Education is important for a person to acquire identity and cultural awareness. It gives him or her the ability to express him or herself through art and cultural activities. It makes a person feel more part of the world, as well as his or her community and environment.

By educating people about their culture and heritage they can learn more about their own ethnic group and how to properly express themselves. In this way they can acquire an appreciation of their culture and get connected with other cultures from around the world. Education plays a very important role in acquiring this ability because it opens up a person’s mind regarding different cultures, thus expanding his or her mind to new things.

By educating about the life of different cultures and their customs, a person can see things from a different perspective and gain more insight into how other people live. In this way he or she will be more accepting of people with different beliefs and lifestyles than they might have been in the past. Education helps establish identity as well as cultural awareness and identity.

Role of Education in Economic Development

The role of education in economic development is to produce skilled workers competitive with imports. In other words, education is a means of producing educated workforce that can be used to enhance productivity and competitiveness.

Education changes social transformation process. It helps individuals to cope up with modern era and improve the material quality of life. Education not only helps employ people but also reduces unemployment rate. This way it can contribute positively to economic development.

The role of education in economic development is to create a skilled workforce for the present and future generations. It helps develop human capital. Education should be given equal importance as industry or business, i.e., providing skills and knowledge that are in demand by other industries or businesses.

In order to keep up with the pace of modernization, education must give emphasis on technical skills. The generation which is more educated will help whole country to develop economically.

Education is the Basis of Future Success and Growth

Education is the basis of future success and growth. It provides the basic foundation to advance knowledge and skills. Without proper skills, techniques, training and education of any kind a person cannot make a successful career.

Moreover, without proper education, a person cannot rise in his or her career or business because they will lack the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. Thus, it is vital for any individual to receive good quality education in order to be successful at whatever profession they choose later on in life.

Importance of Education Essay Conclusion

Education is essential for development of any society and plays an important role in improving the lives of people. People look up to education for all sorts of reasons, but if a country does not have good quality education, then it cannot advance and develop.

In a nutshell, education builds up a person’s self-confidence and helps them to be competitive in life. It also helps them make better decisions about their future because it gives them more knowledge and insight into how the world works.

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