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An ESSAY on Importance of Trees [1800 Words]

The unfortunate truth is that many people don’t know the importance of trees. Not only do they need to know that their survival depends on the trees, but it is also essential for them to understand how much impact we have on the earth’s ecosystem. In this article we’re going to write an essay on Importance of Trees. Hope you’ll enjoy it and will find it informative. After reading this article you will learn something new about trees and the importance of them in our daily lives.

An Essay on Importance of Trees

An Essay on Importance of Trees


Trees are the heart and soul of many ecological systems. They give us shade, cool our planet down, provide homes for all sorts of critters, and grow in numbers that can either create or destroy habitats. They are a vital part of any ecosystem and always have been.

It’s time to stop taking trees for granted — they may be the only thing left when we’re done destroying our earth. Forests need a lot more people to care about them if they want to survive in modern-day society. Trees are not just pretty and green, they are incredibly useful as well.

Trees have been a part of our lives for as long as we have had lives. They offer up their canopies to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays and give us shade from it’s warmth. Trees cool down the planet by breathing out oxygen, which keeps pollution from getting out of hand. They are also home to almost a quarter of the world’s animal species. Trees are among the most important species to mankind, and nobody even knows it.

Despite all the good that trees offer us, we are still killing them off. Despite the fact that trees and humans have been living together on this planet for thousands of years, we haven’t learned very much about them. We cut them down at an alarming rate, poisoning the land with pesticides, developing it for our own uses, and generally destroying the natural environment of this planet in order to get a little more money.

“If we don’t have trees, we don’t have a forest.”

— David Attenborough

Importance of Trees for Ecosystems

The term ecosystem refers to a complex network of living organisms and their physical environment, which are all in a constant relation with one another. Trees are essential parts of our ecosystems and provide the essential ingredients so that plants can grow, but they are still vital to the health of any ecosystem.

Trees draw water from the earth and purify it, which makes the water safe to drink. They provide a habitat for animals, they absorb excess carbon dioxide in the air, and they take in pollutants like sulfur dioxide that have negative effects on humans. Trees are considered one of the most important parts of any ecosystem because of all that they do for us.

Without trees, many ecosystems would not be able to survive as well as they currently do. One of the main reasons for this is because trees are like massive lungs. The roots of a tree suck up water from underground and then take this water to the tops of their branches where it is released into the air in a very important process called transpiration.

This process very important to an ecosystem because it helps regulate the amount of water within an ecosystem. If there were no trees, then rain would come in abudance, flooding whole landscapes and ruining entire ecosystems.

How do Trees benefit from being around and contributing to those Ecosystems?

Trees benefit from being around and contributing to those ecosystems because they are a source of food and shelter for many animals, plants, insects and humans. They also are a natural form of air purification by producing oxygen.

Many people believe that trees also help the environment by absorbing toxins (like carbon dioxide) in our atmosphere. Toxins also can be absorbed through the leaf-like structures that give trees their color.

A great place to observe trees is the White Mountain National Forest. Some of the most common trees there include the sugar maple, the white pine, and black birch. However, there are many more types of trees in this area such as oak and spruce.

Birds and owls can be very commonly seen in this area because of all the different types of trees. In fact, birds are able to live in nearly every environment that trees can grow in.

These trees are still being cut down at an alarming rate in order to use them for firewood, paper manufacture and building materials. They are also a major attraction to many animals like the monarch butterfly, squirrels and birds.

As mentioned earlier, the color of the trees helps to attract all sorts of wildlife. This is why forests are so important even though there is no immediate benefit from the trees themselves.

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What are the main reasons that the Trees are being destroyed?

Some of the main reasons that trees are being destroyed are because people want them for their wood. They also want to make paper or firewood out of them, which is very harmful to the environment. People also use them for their fruit and foliage.

Another major reason why trees are being killed is pollution. The air in many areas of Europe has become polluted with plastic, chemicals and other pollutants. Even the dead trees can leave a residue that is harmful to human health.

Trees are being destroyed is because we don’t recycle. People often don’t care about the environment and throw their garbage on the ground, which contaminates the water and soil. When this waste is not put into an actual garbage can, it stays in the soil and causes new plants to grow that take up even more of our precious land.

Another reason why trees are being killed off is because of climate change. Since trees grow so quickly, they can cause problems because they use up a lot of energy in that area.

Potential Loss of Trees

The loss of trees is a global problem. Every year we cut down more and more trees, making everything worse and worse. If we keep destroying the forests at this rate, they will all be gone in just a few hundred years.

What would become of our planet without any trees left? Pollution would go unchecked, the natural cycle of water would be disrupted, there would be no place for animals to survive. The air would become unbreathable for humans, and we would have no way to dispose of our trash.

That’s not all that would happen. Hundreds of species of animals and plants would lose their homes, so they would either die or move to other places where there were still trees. We could lose whole ecosystems when the last tree for them goes down.

How big of a Population Loss do we really have to worry about?

On average, we kill about a thousand trees every second (1,000 trees are lost for every second of time). If we would stop this deadly practice right now, the damage to our forests would heal up in as little as five years. We do not need to keep killing them off.

Trees can live more than 1000 years. If we could save just one tree every year, then at the end of that time frame there will be enough to cover all of the earth’s surface. Some trees are already more than 1000 years old.

Those trees put a lot of oxygen into the atmosphere and help keep temperature at a reasonable level for mammals. They also do something that we are all dependent on in this world: they offer us shade from the sun.

Trees grow in number more than anything else that is alive on our planet, including humans (1 tree is lost every 3 seconds). It is really surprising to think of all the different plants and animals living together with no problem. To get a little more information about our environment, we should start paying attention to trees. They are very important to us and they deserve it.

Steps to be taken to Save Trees

An Essay on Importance of Trees

Saving trees is not something that should be left up to just the few people who are trying to save them. The future of trees depends on the actions of everyone in this world. Here are some suggestions on how you can help save our forests from destruction.

1. We must start a tree patrol or join one that already exists. There are many groups all over this country that are trying to protect forests and encourage people to appreciate them. They plant trees to replace the ones that were cut down. They educate the public about the importance of trees and how we can protect them And they generally work hard to keep our forests from being torn down.

2. Plant a tree. It’s easy to take a seed, some dirt, and stick it in your yard or garden. At least you’ll always have a reminder of what we can do when we try this hard to make a difference.

3. Occupy a forest with an online petition. There are many websites dedicated to deforestation and we can use them to our advantage. We can make a strong case against cutting forests down and why we shouldn’t be doing it. This doesn’t have to be just for trees, it can be for any environmental cause, but it’s about saving the environment first and foremost.

4. Talk about trees with your friends and family. Make trees something that everyone talks about as if it’s important. Quit taking them for granted and start appreciating the things they do for us, we don’t want to be the generation that cut them down to nothing.

5. We must educate ourselves on trees. This is probably the most important part of saving them. We should all learn as much as we can about trees and what they do for us before we go burning them down or taking a chainsaw to them.

6. We should all plant a tree in the memory of someone special who has passed away. This can be a nice way to pay tribute to those who have gone on before us and leave a lasting legacy, however small it may be.

7. Government must intervene and step in to preserve the forest. We must learn how to protect them from development and deforestation. Speak to your local legislators about the importance of trees in society and how we can protect them.

8. All of us must increase our awareness of the environment around us, including trees, by taking part in activities such as Earth Hour, which encourages its one billion participants to turn off all non-essential lights for an hour on one Saturday night a year.

9. We must invest money into our forests and pay attention to where it goes. It makes no sense that we spend more money on fixing up a forest when we know that it doesn’t need fixing up in the first place.

10. We must get trained and stay informed about the way we interact with trees. It’s our responsibility to learn more about them in order to protect them.

Importance of Trees Essay Conclusion

Trees and the environment are more important than we give them credit for. We need to protect and preserve all of nature, but especially trees. This is our last chance we have to save these wonderful trees and make sure that they continue to provide us with shade, cooling the planet down, breathing out oxygen that we can breathe in, and giving rise to all sorts of life that we would be lacking without them.

We can do it. Let’s all work together to save our forests from destruction and leave them in the hands of humans and nature to grow and thrive in the way they were meant to.

Hope you have enjoyed the Essay on Importance of Trees. If you liked our blog Best Essayes, please share.

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