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An Essay on Patriotism [1500+ Words]

In this article we will write an Essay on Patriotism. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Patriotism is a feeling of love and devotion to your country and its people. It can take many forms, including pride in the achievements of your nation, military service, or identification with group identity and so on. Our view of what patriotism should involve has shifted in modern times. It used to be that patriotism was directly tied to the nation state.

But that’s changing as people are faced with growing global connections and increased cultural diversity. In the past, this meant that most people were patriotic toward their nation-state first and foremost but that patriotism had special status as a unifying force for society at large. Today, many people have a more open and inclusive view of what it means to be patriotic.

In a general sense, patriotism can be defined as “a special concern for or love of one’s country and its people”. The word patriotism comes from the same root as ‘patria’, the Latin word for fatherland, or native land.”

An Essay on Patriotism

An Essay on Patriotism


“Patriotism” Patriotism is a feeling of love and devotion to one’s country. It often involves a sense of pride in the history, culture, and achievements of that country. It can also be seen as an unselfish devotion to one’s country that stands in opposition to its enemies. Patriotism is a universal quality that all people enjoy. It can be manifested in various ways, depending on the culture and society in which one lives.

Part of Patriotism is participating in and supporting traditional activities in the country one lives in. This is important to anyone who values patriotism as a system of national loyalty.

During war, patriotism often comes with a price. Patriotism is family values and patriotism creates emotions that can be manipulated for political gain. In the modern world, we need positive ways to develop these kinds of feelings and pass them on to others. Patriotism is the love one has for the community, state and country. It is a love that is not based on fear or hate.

Patriotism is an important example of loyalty, heroism and self-sacrifice. It was the glimmer of hope for the future of war torn France and showed how important freedom is to all people in a country, no matter what level of class they are from.

Can Patriotism be Developed?

Patriotism is not something that is built overnight. It must be cultivated over time. When one is proud of the individuals, groups and organizations they love, they are on the road to patriotism.

The more respect they have for themselves, the more likely they are to enjoy loyalty and patriotism in others. When one loves their country, they will be willing to sacrifice for the good of the nation and those who live there.

Patriotism is a state of mind. In order to develop patriotism, parents need to make their children feel appreciated by showing them that they respect them and their choices. Parents should teach children that love for their country is passed on from one generation to another through the duty of citizenship. When parents are able to instill this love in their children, it will last a lifetime and be passed on in the next generation.

Loyalty and Patriotism

Loyalty and patriotism can be cultivated in one another. In fact, it is impossible to have one without the other. They are like two sides of the same coin. If one cannot exist without the other, then one can never be fulfilled without the other, either.

Patriotism is a form of love for a country that comes from self-respect, respect for others and developing respect for one’s own background and culture. One must have a strong sense of self before he or she can develop patriotism in others.

Patriotism in Children

Children generally see their country as their own. They see it as their home, where they belong and where they want to raise families. The constant presence of patriotism in the house helps the child to understand that it is normal and desirable to love one’s country.

Patriotism can be promoted by having children sing national songs and recite patriotic poetry or stories. National flags, stars and stripes are also symbols that can be used to teach children about patriotism. Patriotic songs can be sung by the entire family in groups or by individuals. Children cannot learn just any patriotic song. They need to learn the right kind of song to promote patriotism in them.

Carole Baron, author of “Patriotism” states that it is important to teach children good values and have them respect their country. They need to learn that they have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of the nation and its citizens, while they live there.

Parents need to teach their children about the values and beliefs of the country in which they live. Children should be taught a positive love for their country by helping them understand that patriotism is not forced upon them by anyone else.

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Citizenship and Patriotism

All countries have their own way of life. When a citizen joins, he or she agrees to respect the laws of the land, as well as its people. A citizen must uphold his or her duty to others who are also citizens of that country.

One of the ways a person can show loyalty is by following the rules and customs that make up the culture in which he or she is living. When citizens show respect for their countries, they will be respected by other citizens.

In our society today, loyalty has become something that is expected of a citizen in order to be considered a good citizen. This modern attitude toward patriotism can lead to a clash of values between family loyalty and national loyalty.

The values and norms of the two may not always agree. Patriotism can help hold these two sides together and prevent a split in the family unit. When children learn to love their family and country, loyalty is promoted in the family and the larger community.

Patriotism may be important to some people, but others may feel that it is not relevant to them because they do not care about politics or social issues. In this case, patriotism can be seen in a different light.

Patriotism can come from love of one’s home and country. It can also be felt by enjoying the beauty of nature and by loving animals as well as people. There are many forms of patriotism, each one can be different and yet all are talented at teaching the love of family and country.

The Causes of Patriotism

There are mainly three causes of patriotism:
• Religion
• Love
• Honour

The country itself may be the cause of patriotism. In the case of religious patriotism, the person is honouring God or his church.

Patriotism can also be a result of love or attachment to a place. There are people who have lived in a certain country since they were young and identify with it. These people grow up in that area and become very proud of their nationality and its culture.

Patriotism can also be a result of honor. In this case, people are respecting their country because they believe it to be a good society. Many people hold special attachments to the land, city or even neighborhood where they grew up.

They develop strong feelings for these places and never want to leave them. They feel that the place plays an important role in their history and helps form part of them, even if they have moved away from it. Patriotism comes from the honor and respect that people have for their country.

Patriotism Through Respect

The more a person respects a country, the more likely he or she will develop patriotism for it. A person without this respect is unlikely to feel patriotic about their home country.

When one has a strong sense of self and self-worth, they are more likely to feel an attachment to their home land. This feeling of loyalty may come from acceptance of one’s background and culture by others in that place. Such people are also more likely to value the laws and customs of their country.

When a person places a high value on their loyalty to their country, patriotism is more likely to develop in that person. Patriotism comes from respect for the country, the culture and its people.

Patriotism Through Feelings

Loyalty can be felt in one’s heart when feelings are attached to it. Love and respect are feelings that a person often associates with patriotism because they develop as a result of it. When people feel a strong sense of attachment to their country, they may want to develop loyalty on that basis.

When they feel that they belong to the place, they love it, thus developing patriotism. Patriotism is an important element of people’s self-worth and it is developed in those who have respect for their country.

Patriotism Through Faith

A person may have developed patriotism from their faith in God. A person who believes in God will often feel a sense of loyalty to their country and its people. They may have a strong belief that their country is the best one because God had blessed it in some way.

It is their responsibility to represent God well by acting in a way that shows how much they respect his blessing. If a person has faith in God, he or she may develop patriotism for this reason.

10 Lines about Patriotism

• Patriotism is a devotion to one’s country or flag.
• Patriotism is also the love of one’s country as reflected in the patriotic art, music, and literature produced in a country.
• Patriotism is manifested through the sacrifice of personal interests for the good of society.
• Patriotism can only be achieved by sincere love of country.
Patriotism is the acknowledgement of one’s nation’s goodness and unity.
• Patriotism is the willingness to take risks for the good of one’s nation.
• Patriotism is the willingness to give up personal interest for that of ones nation.
• Sincere patriotism produces selflessness and sacrifice in behalf of loved ones.
• Patriotism is the willingness to match one’s life against that of one’s nation.
• Patriotism is the willingness to give of oneself, no matter what the cost, for the common well being.

Patriotism Essay Conclusion

To conclude, patriotism is something that should be demonstrated in every country. The love and respect for home are a birthright to every citizen. A patriotic person puts the needs of their country before his or her own.

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