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Essay on Racial Inequality [1,000 / 600 Words]

Essay on Racial Inequality – The concept of racial inequality is a theoretical framework in which inequalities are caused by racism and prejudice. Inequality occurs when certain groups in society, such as people of color and white people, experience social advantages and disadvantages based on their race. Racial inequality can take on many forms, but the most common theories include systemic racism, institutional racism, cultural racism, microaggressions, and discrimination in everyday life.

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Essay on Racial Inequality

Essay on Racial Inequality [1,000 Words] – Example #1


Racial inequality is a huge and controversial issue not only in America but all over the world. The problem has existed for centuries and continues today. Inequality has many causes, but the most significant is racism from the government.

There are many reasons people say they are racist. If a person were to say they were racist and asked why the person said that, there would be many different answers on what they base their racism on.

Reasons of Racism

The first category of reasons is the most common and obvious. These are the basis of racism and affect every culture and race. The first is due to different cultures with differing appearances or belief systems that are not exactly like their own.

For example, when you look at three people who happen to be white, black, or Mexican, you may not be able to tell right away what each culture is by just looking at them. This is because of the different cultures and traditions they come from.

The second category is the most controversial because it is not as evident as the reasons in the first category. These reasons cause a person to believe in their beliefs about another race and are affected by environment, stereotypes, and other beliefs. The first reason is the stereotypes people have about a specific race.

The third reason is their beliefs about a person or culture. If a person believes that every one that is not exactly like them, or even in the same category as them, is nothing but dirt, then it would be easy to label those people as worthless and hate them without even realizing why.

The fourth reason is when a person has a negative opinion of another race due to the past or present. It could be because they were discriminated against, mistreated, or did not have the same opportunities as others in their area, so they had to make themselves better than the rest of their race.

The next category of reasons is through media. This applies to television and movies as well as books. In both these mediums, they promote stereotypes, sometimes without meaning. This is how the media can affect the people who watch or read it.

The most common reason, however, is due to the color of another person’s skin and the stereotypes that have been associated with it. Some people associate all blacks with crime, drugs, violence, and poverty. These people will also believe whites are better than blacks in every aspect of life.

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Where does Racial Inequality arise from?

Racial inequality can arise in many places, such as employment, education, or housing. There are laws in place that protect these people from discrimination; however, they are not always enforced, which makes racial inequality an issue.

Education and employment are critical in society as these two things can change a person’s life forever. These two things can also be the reason for inequality among races.

A great example of this is the school-to-prison pipeline. The school-to-prison pipeline is a terrible thing. A person does not need to be encouraged to go to prison. It is a place you do not want to go.

Issues associated with Racial Inequality

Many issues are associated with it, but the main issue is that schools can treat black students harsher than white students, which translates into harsher sentences. The reason for this is discrimination.

Discrimination does not only happen in education but also in employment and housing. Housing discrimination includes renting or buying a house and finding out that you cannot because of your race. This can make it hard for African Americans and Latinos to get jobs and houses in specific neighborhoods.

The idea of racial inequality does not only apply to the United States but also worldwide. There are many issues with countries around the world, and it is a significant problem that has led to severe tensions between groups of people. It is often based on color, appearance, and beliefs.

Solutions to Racial inequality

Many solutions are circulating to these issues, but they have yet to be fully solved. Education and the criminal justice system are two of the best solutions to racial inequality. The criminal justice system serves as a place where people can have their rights respected, and criminals can be punished for their crimes.

The only problem with this policy is that when someone has been wronged by committing a crime, they often feel that they were not treated moderately or appropriately. This has led to many problems, including riots, mass incarceration, and terrorism. A change in policies would be beneficial to these issues.

A solution to the education system would be to hire more people of color. The system is set up now. It has a private company that runs the school and makes all the policies for the students and teachers. Hiring more people of color in those positions of authority can ease tension and make specific problems disappear.

Many other policies are being passed that help with specific issues associated with inequality. The policies that will be passed will help solve the issues.

Another solution to this problem is the passing of policies that help prevent people from feeling as if they are being discriminated against. There are many laws in place that protect people from this, but they do not always work.

People feel discriminated against because of their age, race, and gender, which can lead to inequalities today. If people in positions of power that help make policies can pass laws to help protect people, then many issues will disappear.


Racial inequality is a significant issue that needs to be addressed. It is often seen as a black and white issue, but the world has many other colors, such as yellow, brown, and red. It is a very complex problem that needs to be solved because of the negative issues it can cause.

It has been shown many times that segregation policies are not the best way to solve this problem; they only help perpetuate false beliefs and negative stereotypes. The only way to solve this issue is through education.

Short Essay on Racial Inequality [600 Words] – Example #2

Racial inequality is a severe issue all over the world today. It has been around for centuries and persists in all areas of life. There are many ideas about the causes and like cures for racial inequality, but there can be no doubt that it is one of the most pressing issues currently facing our society.

Racial inequality can be challenging because discussing it often triggers deep emotions in people, so it’s essential to approach this subject with care and sensitivity. At the same time, since it remains a hotly debated topic, the debate itself can be challenging to facilitate. Topics of racial inequality tend to bring out strong opinions from those who favor and oppose any particular idea or group of ideas about racial inequality.

Reasons behind racial inequality may include:

1. People are born with different abilities that affect their thinking and acting. This is why people from different countries don’t think, act and believe the same. It also affects their way of life.

2. The position of people in the world may put more emphasis on one activity than another for a particular community, region, or country. People are very much in need of keeping up with their neighbors and friends, even if it means putting more money in one area than another.

3. Social class systems in many countries place people into different social classes based on their jobs. People of lower social class are considered very different from those of higher social class, even though they may have the same job and work at the same place.

Steps to overcome the problem of Racial inequality:

1. We should avoid racial discrimination to build a strong and better society. We should be sensitive to people from different races or nationalities and avoid hurting their feelings or upsetting them.

3. We should know how to accept that there is a difference in races and that people are culturally different from each other. They can learn more about other cultures by talking to them, instead of judging them based on the color of their skin.

4. To help overcome the problem of racism and racial inequality, we should be more accepting and open about their views about different races.

5. We should be aware of the kinds of jobs that certain races do, so they can go to those races’ places and look for a job even if they aren’t sure they are ready.

6. We should be aware that people’s skin color doesn’t define their race, and they are all humans, no matter their skin color.

7. We should be more sensitive to others, especially when they look different from us, and try to communicate with them.

8. We should avoid generalizing people based on race or ethnicity.

9. We should be aware of other races’ work ethic and culture and not just accept it but also try to adapt it themselves.

10. We should consciously reduce racial inequality by stopping discrimination and racism through moral suasion, campaigning, voluntary action, and other non-violent means and methods.

To conclude, racial inequality is a problem in all places of the world, in many different areas, and at different levels. Some people avoid talking about it because they feel uncomfortable discussing it. Some people believe there is no solution to the problem of racial inequality and others think there are many solutions to this problem and feel more confident talking about strategies for resolving it.

Summary of the Article

When you think about racial inequality, the most common phrase that usually comes to mind is “color blind.” This phrase has become synonymous with equality and justice. However, this term has been used negatively to mean that racism doesn’t exist anymore.

However, it’s important to note that even though racism is not as prevalent as it once was, many inequalities are still happening due to race worldwide.

To overcome these issues, the awareness of racial inequalities must continue to increase so that policies can be implemented to eliminate these inequalities.

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