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ESSAY on Social Media (Effects-Advantages-Disadvantages) [1800+ Words]

Social media is the use of social networking and web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. The most popular use involves individual or group communications. While social media started as a hobby for many, it has quickly become a career option for others. In this article we’ll write an Essay on Social Media, its effects, advantages and disadvantages.

Social media has grown into a global phenomenon that influences the way people communicate and consume information. Whether you want to change careers or find some unique tips for your blog, you never know what you’ll learn from social media.

ESSAY on Social Media (Effects-Advantages-Disadvantages)

An Essay on Social Media – Effects – Advantages – Disadvantages


Social Media is a phenomenon that has permeated our society, and is impacting nearly every human experience as we move through our daily lives. It is constantly evolving, which makes it difficult to keep up with all the opportunities and changes coming in at a dizzying pace.

Social media is a group of technologies used to create, share, and engage with interactive content. Social media is a broad term. It’s not just about sharing status updates and photos of your lunch. It’s now a vital marketing channel, and it has made billions of dollars for its top companies.

We use it to keep up with the latest news on countries we’re visiting or would like to visit, find new friends in our area or across the world, buy and sell goods, share music, find a romantic partner, talk to our favorite celebrities, research products and more.

Some Positive Effects of Social Media

1. Social Media allows people to communicate with family and friends from anywhere. Students have the opportunity to communicate with their families and continue with their schooling from wherever they are, at anytime of the day or night.

2. Social Media can be used for good purposes such as spreading awareness on important issues, creating fundraisers for charity organizations, staying connected with friends and family, and establishing a connection between others in schools through Facebook pages or even twitter accounts.

3. People stay connected with each other through Social Media. It helps people create friendships and gives them a way to communicate with others on a more personal level.

4. People use Social Media for good purposes such as encouraging one another and turning negative events into something positive, such as the Boston Bombings.

5. Social Media has made internet bullying somewhat harmless due to its ability to create a profile that matches user’s own appearance, which is not normally possible offline in some cases. This allows people more freedom to express their opinions.

Some Negative Effects of Social Media

1. Social Media has a tendency to break up close relationships and cause problems between students, teachers, and even parents. Keeping in contact with each other is important for families and friends who live far away. Social Media can also be a distraction to study, practice and perform well in school.

2. Social Media can cause depression in all young people and is probably the most prevalent mental health issue in adolescents today. Depression can lead to other illnesses and many young people all around the world have committed suicide, feeling hopeless and helpless.

3. Social Media makes people compare themselves to others who have seemingly perfect lives, due to filters and editing of pictures which leads to depression and anxiety.

4. Social Media makes people jealous of others who seem more successful or popular than themselves which leads to depression, anger, hate and even more serious consequences such as suicide or drug abuse.

5. Social Media can lead to cyber bullying in the form of harassment, humiliation and stalking. Students are more likely to engage in verbal or physical bullying when they can hide behind the masks of anonymity found on social media in order to harass others.

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Advantages of Social Media

Social Media has a tremendous positive affect on teenagers, which can lead people to believe that it’s more of a negative effect. Research has shown that teens use social media for positive purposes and are not necessarily putting themselves in danger.

Surveys have shown that teens use social media for communication, entertainment, and celebrity news rather than to communicate with family or friends. Social Media is also associated with positive influences such as increased substance abuse incidence and decreased school performance.

Many teenagers claim to use social media for good, like networking and becoming closer to friends or family and even for marketing or business. However, it’s hard to determine how much of an influence it actually has on adolescents.

Our lives has become dependent on technology every day. Social media has made it easier for us to communicate and interact with each other, as well as entertainments. It is important to look into the positive effects of social media since there are so many opportunities it offers.

Social Media is not just a way to connect with people from around the world but also a way to support individuals who need help in society. This includes helping others who might be lost or trouble in some way. This brings about the positive effects of using Social Media for good purposes such as raising awareness and helping others in need.

Disadvantages of Social Media

While not all students choose to use Social Media, it has been a part of many students’ lives since the beginning of their time in school. Social Media sites have already had an effect on student’s mental health as well as their own experience with technology.

The main aspect that is affecting young people’s mental health today is the fact that they are spending so much time online interacting with others and creating profiles. This can lead to depression and anxiety in some.

The other aspect that is having a negative effect on young people’s mental health is the fact that Social Media makes them feel horrible about themselves when they compare themselves to others who seem more successful or popular.

This leads to depression, anger, hate and even more serious consequences such as suicide or drug abuse. Many young people commit suicide because of the pressure put on them by their peers on Social Media sites.

Studies have shown that students who have higher internet usage are more likely to turn to depression, self harm, and even commit suicide.

Depression can lead to other mental health issues such as anxiety and even anger disorders. Cyber bullying does not just cause anxiety but it can also affect a person’s emotions in addition to any depression or anxiety.

ESSAY on Social Media (Effects-Advantages-Disadvantages)

How does Social Media help us Build a Career or a Business?

Social Media has completely transformed the way we view other people’s lives. It is not just for entertainment but for connection and communication. However, it is easy to spread information about others and can be used to humiliate individuals or a certain brand.

Social media has become a very important tool when it comes to the career development. Social Media plays a crucial role in helping professionals network with potential clients or employers that they may be looking for.

Some most important Social Media Platforms and their Advantages are:


Adding followers, hashtags, and blogs is the easiest way to promote your brand. Also, by using social media you can reach a wider audience which can help in generating new leads and build relationships within your company or company name.


Branded Facebook pages are the most effective way to promote your brand online, once your business is on Facebook you can post regularly with the link of your site, from the network.


LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool for professional networking, which helps you find someone who can handle all the layers of your company. You can also find people that are working in a similar field and maybe looking for an opportunity that you have or need.


YouTube is not only for viewing your favorite videos but it can be used for marketing and media placement as well. By creating a company profile, uploading videos of your brand and posting relevant keywords, you could keep track of the video views and gain more insight on what you should be doing to enhance your brand.


It is the most effective way to start making connections with other people and to share your journey in life. This will help you get more targeted followers who are interested in your business or brand, which can be a great route for marketing and advertising.


Pinterest is a great platform for content creation, which can also be used for branding and marketing with images that contain your brand. This is one of the best ways to create a visually appealing Images and help your followers understand your brand.


It is a great app for communicating with other people, which can help you by knowing more about your audience and their needs and wants. This is also a very popular app for marketing and getting the word out about your business or brand in general.


Tumblr is a great platform if you are looking for some creative ideas on how to market your business. This site can be used for social media marketing and marketing your product as well as blog posts that can be used for advertising purposes.

Google Plus

Google Plus is very popular and used mostly for professional networking. It is a great way to find people who are part of your target audience as well as your potential employees and clients.

Future of Social Media

Social Media has played a big role in all of our lives in the past few years. People use social media to communicate with their family, friends and even celebrities. Social media can also be used for good purposes such as raising awareness of an issues and helping others who might be lost or in trouble.

We can all see the positives that come about because of Social Media, so it’s not surprising that it will have a huge effect on young people’s mental health in the future. The future of Social media is yet to be determined, but it’s safe to say that it will continue to change how we communicate with each other and even how we learn in school.

There are many opportunities associated with Social Media, but there are also risks that come with it. It is important for students to stay safe online and use their time wisely to avoid the negative effects of Social Media.

The main thing about Social Media is that it creates a world for everyone to live in that is different from reality. It’s important for students to realize this and also how to avoid the negative effects of Social Media.

Essay on Social Media (Effects-Advantages-Disadvantages) Conclusion

Social Media has become a big part of our daily lives. With all the benefits that Social Media has provided us, it is no surprise that it is becoming more and more popular day by day.

With the influence of Social Media on the Internet, we have seen have seen social media become one of the most important tools to use to get the job done. While this area has produced many earnings, it can also be a source of many problems on a person’s mental health or even put them in danger.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone is different. Some people might not be affected by the amount of information they consume, while other people may need to lower their usage or even stop using it completely.

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