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An Essay on Teacher’s Day Celebration in India

An Essay on Teacher’s Day Celebration in India – A Teacher is someone who influences the future of a child. They guide and muold young children’s minds and ensure they get a proper education. A teacher is respectful to people of all age groups, never raising their voice or yelling at anyone. A teacher is kind, understanding, supportive, nurturing, and respectful, treating everyone equally.

They are positive role models who inspire students to do their best in school and life. A teacher possesses leadership qualities and sets rules for behaviour. They are willing to teach students who may not have the same knowledge.

An Essay on Teacher’s Day Celebration in India

They can recognize when students need extra help, and they encourage a student’s strengths. Teachers can also be empathetic and understanding, making them great role models.

A teacher teaches the importance of being respectful, even if they may be angry or upset. They teach children the right way to act in situations such as these.

An Essay on Teacher’s Day Celebration in India


On 5th September every year, we celebrate Teacher’s Day to honour one of the most important people in our lives. 5th September is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a great Philosopher, an Educationist, a Statesman, and the former President of India.

Celebrating Teacher’s Day is not only a tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. By celebrating Teacher’s Day, we also pay tribute to all teachers, whether in schools or colleges, who have made a difference in our lives and shaped our lives.

An Essay on Teacher’s Day Celebration in India

The teachers are those who shape children’s personalities and inculcate values in them. The teachers are the ones who motivate, encourage, advise and educate the children from their tender age to grow up as good members of society, which has been achieved with incredible difficulty.

On this occasion of Teacher’s Day, we also respect and recognize our renowned teachers for their inspiring work and dedication to the development of our country. They have been a source of inspiration for many generations, motivating children to pursue education and academic excellence. Young learners need to gain awareness about their role as role models.

Why do we celebrate Teacher’s Day?

We must make students understand that they are the future of our country. This day should be celebrated every year because it shows that we are grateful and tells them it is their duty to work hard and achieve something special in life.

The importance and need to celebrate Teacher’s Day was felt by Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan through his famous quote saying,

“Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if 5 September is observed as Teachers’ Day.”

On 5th September, 1962 onwards we celebrate this day as Teacher’s Day. On this occasion, we respect our teachers for their role in shaping us into what we are today. Teachers share a special relationship with their students; as mentors and guides, they inspire them towards achieving more.

Importance of Teachers on Students’ Lives

Throughout their teaching career, teachers devote many hours working on new and innovative ways to prepare their students for the future. Teachers build up students’ confidence and encourage them to achieve more.

Teachers are responsible for the success of their students. A teacher’s job is not easy, but they work harder than any other person in any other profession.

We all want to express our undying gratitude to our teachers because they have been a great source of inspiration and motivation for us throughout our lives. Through their dedication, hard work, and relentless efforts, we can achieve our goals in life.

We thank the teachers in our lives who have taught us to love and respect learning and have encouraged us to pursue knowledge in life. One of the most challenging phases of life is adolescence, when you are growing up. The guidance and help provided by your parents, teacher, and friends are essential for your success.

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Importance of Teachers in School Life

School is a difficult phase of life. It separates you from your friends and family. It also plays an essential role in shaping you into a better person. The school has shaped who we are today, and we take pride in that. Teachers are the ones who guide us during school days, preparing us for all the rough patches of life ahead.

Furthermore, it brings up many issues that decisions to make, big or small, keep the relationship between teacher and student alive throughout all their years together.

Teachers are very special people. They make enormous sacrifices for their students. A teacher’s role is to provide knowledge to their students, enabling them in their lives through learning and teaching.

In India, teachers’ Day is celebrated across schools and colleges for its services to society and the nation. Various educational societies organize various programs and events all over the country to honour teachers on this occasion.

An Essay on Teacher’s Day Celebration in India

How do we celebrate Teacher’s Day in India?

Several institutions and associations hold different events to honour teachers on this Day. It includes seminars, exhibitions, and conferences where eminent personalities are invited as the chief guest to address the gathering on various topics.

Some schools are known for their celebrations which last for a week or so with lots of inter-school competitions in various talents, skills and sports events. Students also participate in competitions and events organized by educational institutions to honour their favorite teachers.

Schools take great pride in honouring their teachers on this special Day. School children set up exhibits and give presentations to award-winning teachers. The school can also organize competitions where various schools hold talents, sporting, and acrobatic events.

The winning school is awarded a prize and presented with a bouquet by the principal or the school’s headmaster. A great dance program is also organized by some schools where students showcase their talent in dance and drama arts.

A lecture or program is also held by the school in which an eminent personality is invited to address the school on various topics related to life and education. A skit competition is also held in which various school teams participate and act out their stunts in front of the audience.

Some schools organize quizzes, races, and other competitions to honour teachers on this special Day further. Students also present certificates and bouquets to their favourite teachers as a token of appreciation for all their efforts.

Teacher’s Day Celebration Essay Conclusion

We must know about the traits that can lighten up our future, which is what our teachers teach us, so we should give them due respect.

It is also essential to make students understand that they are the future of our country. This Day should be celebrated every year because it shows that we are grateful and tells them it is their duty to work hard and achieve something special in life.

If it weren’t for our teachers, we would not have achieved anything. So we must never forget them and give them due respect as they deserve it.

Summary of the Article

Teachers are the most influential figures in our lives. They are the ones who teach us the values of life. They are the ones who show us how to turn the world into a better place. They are the ones who enlighten us with the wisdom and knowledge they have earned after years of experience. Teachers work hard to make our future brighter and happier like nobody else.

Our duty is to express gratitude and make them understand how much we appreciate their efforts. Teacher’s Day is the day that reminds us how important teachers are and how much we should respect and honour them. This Day is just a small token of appreciation for all that teachers have done for us throughout the years.

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