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Essay Writing, Its Uses and Its Importance

To students lately, writing an essay is one of the most difficult parts of school life, if not the most difficult. This is simply because of the fact that they are sometimes at a loss with how to write the essay and how exactly to begin. School work the became even more confusing with the fact that essay writing gradually became a more preferred method for grading.

Essay writing in itself cannot be seen as hard or difficult. Quite the contrary. To some fluent writers, the opportunity to freely express themselves as students is something they cherish, and so they would definitely get behind a laptop and type pages and pages of whatever you require them to type. However, not all students fall into this category. This is a big reason why ‘write my essay' searches have become popular on google, and why people enlist professional essay help from trusted a essay writing service, just so that bulk of the stress of knowing what to type does not fall to them.

Understanding essay writing comes with time. This can be said because people have reportedly gotten better at expressing themselves the more they write the essays. They have gotten to understand that there are tips and tricks to being confident in your writing, and ways of expressing oneself in the writing. Getting to this point in a student's life is like obtaining pure gold, because a good percentage of all the assignments they will ever get are essays.

Professors like to give essay writing as an assignment because having such assignments throws more light into the thinking and reasoning of the student. The student is then able to express him or herself, their ideas and how the perceive the world with one little piece of writing.

Having a standardized test is actually not enough these days for universities to determine who to admit into their institutions. A good look at the prospective student using their thought processes makes it easier decision to take. This is mainly because, while other academic ways of assessing students speak mostly about their achievements and what they are capable of as students, essay writing speaks more about who they are as individuals, whether they can contribute effectively to the college and the world at large, and whether their world view is in line with the college's or university's principles. This is the main reason why a student is asked to produce an essay at every chance possible .

Essay writing is what makes academics thrive in the world today. This is simply because these essays that are written could get published and then in the end, become material for other students to learn from and reference in their own essays. Such is the purpose behind academic writing. As a student gets higher up the academic ladder, their opinions and thought processes become and good addition to the world of academia. This is because the world can never have too many reading materials, and a younger generation contributing to academia's library of thoughts and opinions is a very welcome part of studying. It is every professor's dream that their students somehow become publishers in future and the universities and colleges at every level seek to prepare these students for exactly that. Much to he dismay of the students, because definitely not all students are interested in publishing papers in the future.

There are so many pros about essay writing that making a campaign against it is totally unheard of, so what students can do is prepare their minds to understand how an essay can be written.

Writing an Essay, Points to Note

Students these days are looking for the easiest way to demystifying essay writing. While these tips and tricks are out in the open, not everyone is able to get it. There are points to note for essay writing especially when it comes to the different essay types and what is required. Each type of essay has its own list of requirements, so being familiar with them helps to write essays more easily.

There are some general points to know before you begin to write your essay.

  • Your chosen topic can make or break your essay

This, unfortunately, is a point that students learn one way or another, either by mentorship or by experience. Choosing a good essay topic is fundamental to your essay writing especially if the choice lies with you. Most people are unaware of this, and then find themselves struggling with their essay the end of the day.

It is hardly the case that schools will give one particular essay topic for all students to write. The case may be the students are asked to choose an essay topic from a long list of topics. Students will then make the choice and hopefully choose the topic that appeals to them the most. Sometimes, a student is given free reign to pick any topic at all except that it should in someway be linked to the course being offered in school.

This is where the headache begins for most students. There are several things to consider when writing an essay. All of those points will be explained later in this article.

  • There are different types of essays

For students, especially those new to the academic writing scene, finding out that there are different essay types sometimes throws the off balance. This is because they may only find out about the types when they are asked to write that type of essay for their assignment or theses.

There are 4 main types of essays, and every other form of essays fall under these four main types of essays.

  1. Narrative essays -These typically tell a story and the stories told are usually personal experiences of the writer. It gives insight to who the writer is as a result of these experiences.
  2. Expository essays- These lay down facts and gives the reader information based on these facts. Most of the time, the topic at hand is either a conflicting topic in our world today, or a topic about giving insight on something that may have occurred before. It could also be an analysis of any art form.
  3. Persuasive essays - These essay types are typically written to convince a reader, using logical arguments and facts, that the writer's view point is the right view point to take. While the expository essay writers are not allowed to take sides, persuasive essays rely on their the fact that a side is taken, and the defense of that side, should, at the end of the day result in the reader choosing to side with the writer.
  4. Descriptive essays- These are essays where the writer is required to draw a vivid picture about what they wish to describe. These essays use heavy imagery to be able to accomplish this feat.

Every other type of essay can be comfortably put under one of these four, that is why these four are recognized as the main essay types.

  • There is such a thing about essay structure

One thing students sometimes forget, especially when they are writing their essays for the first few times, is that an essay always has a structure. The structure and the outline of the essay is of great importance to the essay itself. Professors take note of these things to either pass or fail an essay entry.

 First of all, all essays have a typical structure, which is ‘introduction, body and conclusion'.

No matter how long the essay is, it should have this structure.

Academic essays however, have several other guidelines and outlines for writing essays. It would be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the different styles of writing before you begin writing. That way, when a particular writing style is demanded, you know enough to pull if off.

  • Research is necessary in essay writing

Essay writing does not only consist of the writing itself. The main difficult point of such an essay is the research necessary to write it. Some students feel they can skip this point or do it haphazardly, but essay writing does not allow for that.

Automatically, the more information you know, the better you write and the richer your essay. The longer the essay, the more information you need to have it written. Take your time to research before you begin writing your essay. Have sources that you can double check to verify he authenticity and richness of your essay.

  • Get a good plagiarism checker

The nightmare of every writer is plagiarized work. It is a nightmare because it affects both the writer and the original author of the work. Writers can face serious consequences for publishing plagiarized work. This is why professors are very strict on students to avoid plagiarizing at all costs.

Since it is not feasible to know ok the information of published work by heart, the internet has found a way to clamp down on plagiarism by introducing several plagiarism checkers that can easily detect if a current work has been previously published.

Search for a plagiarism checker online, preferably, one that your professor uses to test your work r better, so that you do not send in plagiarized work as it can result in dire consequences.

Choosing the Perfect Essay Topic

It has already been established how important getting the right topic is. Here are some tips you need when choosing your essay topic.

  1. Choose a topic that matches your interests and passion

People ten to write better about topics they enjoy. A good way for you to express your writing skills the best way is to choose a topic you enjoy writing about. If you are passionate about the topic, you will find it easier to research and write about it at the end of the day. It would not even feel like work. However, if you choose a topic you would rather not write about, you may struggle to come up with the material to write your essay.

  1. Choose a topic which has easily available research material

There are some topics which have not yet been researched deeply enough to produce a lot of material. When you are writing an essay, one thing to take note of is how accessible the source material for your essay is. Getting easily accessible source material for your essay based on your topic allows you to do research and not spend too much time on it. That way, your essay writing is fluid and you are easily able to write an essay that is well researched and likely to result in you getting good marks.

  1. Consult with a tutor if you are writing an essay for the first time

Sometimes choosing a good topic is a community affair. Do not do it alone. Try your best to consult with a tutor or with some really trusted colleagues about the essay you intend to write and let them help you to choose a topic. That way, the chances are, you will have a better topic because more heads were put together to result in your choice.

  1. Try using a topic generator

The internet can be your best friend with regards to essays. An essay writing service can easily give you the essay help you need when it comes to choosing a topic. Most of these ‘write my essay' websites have essay topic generators which can bring up random topics for you to decide on for you essay. Having these topics already phrased makes it easier for you to imagine what you would rather write about.

When it comes to essay writing, most people would prefer choosing a topic that can make writing the essay a breeze. When you have an essay as an assignment, consult with several people about the essay you have been asked to write, take your time to choose a topic, and be ready to do the necessary research. Finally get an idea of the preferred outline and use it. At the end of the day, your essay will turn out remarkable if you follow these points.

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