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Great Tips For How To Write An Explanatory Synthesis Essay

A question may arise: how does one define a synthesis essay? In the definition of a synthesis essay, two things must be considered. First, one needs to have a clear meaning of the word synthesis, which means combining several things into a single unit or item.

Secondly, one has to research various relevant sources of information concerning a particular topic of interest and then produce an essay of their interpretation of the information obtained.

In addition, the synthesis essay definition cannot be complete without emphasizing the importance of formulating a thesis statement which will be the point of discussion of the information gathered through research of the subject concerned.

Great Tips For How To Write An Explanatory Synthesis Essay

Therefore, the synthesis essay definition is such that it is an essay where you integrate information from several sources concerning a particular topic, draw a conclusion from all these sources and put the ideas down in the form of an essay.

Synthesis Essay Types

Synthesis essays can be classified into two. These are Explanatory and argumentative synthesis essays.

Explanatory Synthesis Essay

As the name suggests, it is a variant of synthesis essays whereby you are required to elaborate or give a detailed explanation on a particular subject of interest.

The aim of writing an explanatory synthesis essay is to provide you with to illustrate your understanding of the given topic and to assess your ability to explain something in a manner that the target audience can understand. You must have the skill of explaining something in great detail clearly and coherently.

Argumentative Synthesis Essay

In this type of synthesis essay, someone s required to give comprehensive arguments concerning a particular topic. Here, it would be best if you did relevant research on the subject that you are interested in and then used the material obtained to come up with an argument based on the relevant information and the interpretation and ideas.

In addition to the above, you are also required to show or illustrate how various points are interlinked or how one item can explain the occurrence of another thing. Such an essay aims to develop the individual’s ability to reason and think critically about information. You are also bound to develop excellent reasonable capabilities from writing such synthesis essays.

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Great Tips For Writing An Explanatory Synthesis Essay

The goal you have in mind in writing the explanatory synthesis essay is to outline the ideas to the reader clearly and sequentially, creating order in the essay. There are two crucial things to consider in an explanatory synthesis essay for you to deliver the best essay outcome; first, it is to follow the instructions provided for the essay, and second, how to structure your essay.

The following are the ten best tips on writing a synthesis essay, with special consideration for an explanatory synthesis essay. These ten tips cover the two important aspects of producing an excellent explanatory synthesis essay as outlined.

Do Enough Research Before Writing the Synthesis Essay

Most people are faced with a problem right from the beginning because they fail to research to find relevant sources of information that can be used to create a good explanatory synthesis essay. Without reading enough, you cannot develop an open mind to think and formulate new ideas you can express in your synthesis essay.

You set yourself up for this challenge whenever you fail to read enough. This challenge can easily be avoided by exploring many sources for new and exciting information so that you can use it to explain the topic that you are required to write about in your explanatory synthesis essay.

Assess the Requirements of the Explanatory Synthesis Essay

Before beginning the writing process, you should review the instructions or requirements that you have been provided for the topic. Some instructions are specific to the subject concerned. In contrast, others are individual-specific because some lecturers or tutors may need one specific item to be covered in the synthesis essay.

Therefore, you need to pay close attention to these rules since they determine the grade level you would get in writing the synthesis essay. As the author of the explanatory synthesis essay, you are responsible for ensuring that the rules and instructions provided in writing were followed before submitting the essay to ensure that you maximize your chances of producing an excellent explanatory synthesis essay.

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General Guidelines for Writing the Best Explanatory Synthesis Essay

Before writing an explanatory synthesis essay, you should have a formulated thesis statement which can be the idea intended to be communicated in the essay. The thesis statement can only be formulated after researching the topic and establishing a specific gap or area of interest that you deem significant to be discussed in the synthesis essay.

As such, before an individual makes a thesis statement, they need to have read a lot of material concerning the subject to develop an exceptional understanding of the issue and to come up with a point that can be discussed extensively in the explanatory synthesis essay.

How to Structure Your Explanatory Synthesis Essay

Generally, an explanatory synthesis essay has the basic three parts of an essay, just like any other essay. It has an introduction whereby an individual introduces the topic of interest. In the introduction, one should focus on creating a captivating atmosphere that interests the reader and develops the urge to read the essay completely.

The body of the essay contains most of the information for the synthesis essay, where you explain in detail the points you have in mind for the particular subject. Finally, there is the conclusion, where you summarise what you had discussed in the essay and make a closing remark concerning the subject of the synthesis essay.

Create an Outline for the Synthesis Essay

One of the greatest mistakes people make in writing a synthesis essay is failing to write an outline of the synthesis essay with a particular interest in the subject concerned. Creating an overview helps an individual to achieve the end goal of having written the best explanatory synthesis essay in two ways.

First, it allows one to develop a sketch of what they intend to write and so have a foreshadowing of the final essay. Secondly, it helps you to spend less time when it comes to writing the final copy of the explanatory synthesis essay. The outline acts as a guide or a road map for you to follow when writing, and in doing so, it helps you to achieve the final objective within the required timeframe.

Seek Guidance from Relevant Authorities

Sometimes you may feel stuck in the research process, trying to understand the instructions provided, or during the writing process. You may find that you are taking a lot of time trying to figure out what you have to do or what you are doing wrong, which may be used in the writing process.

Taking a lot of time in writing is not a good sign in writing your synthesis essay, and it may lead to late completion of work. Once you reach this point, you should remember that there are people whom you can readily seek help, including instructors, parents, and even their colleagues, for clarification of the issues that you are facing in designing the synthesis essay.

Such people may help you develop the best mental picture of how to write your explanatory synthesis essay.

Organizing the Explanatory Synthesis Essay in a Flowing Manner

This is one of the critical aspects of writing a good explanatory synthesis essay. When writing the synthesis essay, you should consider how you tie one idea with another. You can ensure that the synthesis essay flows by creating a good sequence of ideas that connect with each other.

A well-organized synthesis essay is more likely to impress the reader because they can understand what you are explaining clearly. Some of the ways that you can use to create good flow and organization in your essay are by developing each idea fully before moving to the next idea, using sentence connectors to show transit from one view to another, and avoiding repetition of ideas which may prove to the audience that the student does not have enough knowledge.

Always Support Your Ideas in Your Explanatory Synthesis Essay

As we had earlier described, you make a claim concerning the topic of interest in an explanatory synthesis essay. This is followed by giving more information about the claim or idea based on the information you have gathered from various sources. Most people do not remember that they are meant to explain their ideas clearly in the explanatory synthesis essay, so they cannot make the reader understand their points.

You need to describe all the ideas in the body of the explanatory synthesis essay. Doing this shows that you understand what they mean and have read enough on the subject concerned.

Ensure Proper Use of Language and Tone in the Synthesis Essay

Often, people fail to consider the language they use in writing as some may use slang and other colloquial expressions, which is not what is expected in an explanatory synthesis essay. You should ensure that you use the appropriate language for the reader to understand the message you intend to communicate.

In addition, use a pleasant tone which enables you to express your ideas and be well understood. These two aspects, formal language and tone, are critical in writing. They require you to have prior knowledge of the reader of the work before writing the explanatory synthesis essay.

Revision and Indication of Sources of Your Explanatory Synthesis Essay

This is a direct and precise point in writing the synthesis essay, but it is mostly forgotten. You are bound to make errors during your writing process, so taking the time to review your work ensures that you take note of the mistakes and correct them before the reader can notice them.

By reviewing the work, you can correct the grammar of the essay and the spelling of the words in the essay and also ensure that you have followed the requirements of the essay.

Moreover, it would be best if you tried to indicate the sources of information used for the essay. It helps the reader to know where the points that have been used in explaining the ideas are from, and it would enable the person to know where to read the information if they required to know more about the subject.


As seen above, we have been able to define a synthesis essay. We also clarified how we define an explanatory synthesis essay by stating that it is an essay that requires you to combine information from various sources to come up with ideas that are representative of the information but which bear the understanding from the individual’s perspective.

We have also provided some of the best tips for how to write a synthesis essay. Explanatory synthesis essays are quite a handful for most people as they may require a lot of research and planning before the writing is done.

Moreover, more emphasis is placed on the ability to follow the necessary instructions in writing the essay. You can develop the best explanatory synthesis essay by following the points described above.

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