How to Title an Essay

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How to Title an Essay

We first have to define what a title is and outline its purpose in an essay. A title is a short and brief phrase that introduces or summarises the topic that is going to be discussed in the essay. The title serves the purpose of attracting the reader and developing an interest in reading the whole piece. The title also outlines, shortly and concisely, the content of the essay. This helps the reader to avoid skimming through the essay paragraphs to know what is being discussed.

To write the title of the essay, there are some general tips on how to develop a title. These include:

  1. First of all, ensure that you have written the draft or the outline of the essay before spending some time thinking about how to title your essay. It is paramount to establish an outline since it will guide you on what to discuss in the essay in terms of introduction, paragraph formulations, and the conclusion. From this well-planned outline, it is now possible for you to derive the title considering what you will discuss in the essay.
  2. Another method to establish the title of an essay is to write the piece itself. Through writing the whole article, you can then underline or pick some few interesting phrases or instances that were prominent in the essay. You could then include them in the title or could form the title of the piece. This means that the writer optimizes their writing skills so that they can derive the title directly from their essay.
  3. The title of an essay could also be derived from the general tone and presentation of the content in the article. For example, the writer could have described the best day of their life when they won the lottery. Thus, the title could be derived from the general presentation or the tone as "The Happiest Moment of My Life."

Other tones that could be pertinent in an essay include; serious tone, sad tone, informative tone, frightening tone, and many more.

  1. The title could also be developed from the central theme or the main concept in the essay. In this case, the writer is interested in outlining the central theme of the essay to the reader right from the beginning. This could be so in the case of writing the title for a review of a book or a diary or journal report of a holiday well spent. This allows the reader to know how to title an essay paper based on the type of essay, for example, a narrative, a book review, a journal, or a diary entry.
  2. Finally, the title of an essay could be developed from the absolute creativity of the writer. The title does not have to be a popular title used in most written articles, especially in the case of narrative essays. You could be creative and think out of the box in writing your title. The reader does not expect new ideas, and this would be magnificent in capturing the interest of the readers.

How to Title an Essay Properly

When it comes to how to title an essay appropriately, special attention is directed to the components of a title and the aim of the title in the piece.

The title of the essay is the first thing that the readers see before reading the article. This is not only because it is at the beginning of the essay, but also it forms the summary of what the piece is about. Due to this reason, the title of an article is very crucial in determining whether or not your essay will be read.

Several factors determine the title of an essay, and by extension, they are implicated in how to title an essay properly. These will be systematically discussed below:

  1. The Punctuation of the Title - This determines the title of the essay in the sense that some punctuation marks raise the interest of the reader directly or indirectly by modifying the tone of the words used in the essay. For example;

"The Best Day of My Life” is not the same as

"The Best Day of My Life!!!”

The first one is just a statement that someone would read and appreciate. However, in the second instance, the writer wants to immediately make the reader question "what happened so that it was the best day of their life?"

Proper use of punctuation on the title is a great determiner in the title of an essay.

  1. The Length of the Title - The title can be long or short based on the type of essay that is written or based on the intention of the writer. Some titles have a precise number of words which clearly describe the essay as expected. For example, a simple narrative essay has a short title, while a research paper has a long title which defines what is expected in the study as per the particular discipline.
  2. The Captivity of the Title - This determines the title of the essay because some narrative essays allow the writer to play around with words to develop a suitable and enchanting title to make the reader happy or curious and want to know more about the essay.
  3. The Content of the Essay - This determines the essay title in the sense that some essays have a specific way to write the title which is recommended to be followed and it is internationally recognized, for example, the title of minutes of a meeting is pre-determined.
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How to Title an Essay about Yourself

Sometimes, we are required to write about ourselves, and these types of essays are referred to as Personal Essays. Even personal essays have a title, and it is good to learn how to title an essay about yourself. You could use the following few key points in writing the title:

  • Use an Active Voice - When writing the title, avoid using the passive voice to describe yourself. For example, do not say:

"An Essay about How I Viewed Myself," instead you should state

"An Essay about How I View Myself,"

The active voice is the present voice as opposed to the passive voice, which is the voice to define the past.

  • Design a Brief Title - Here, you do not want the reader to already know a lot about you right from the title. You want to make the reader know that you are talking about yourself in the essay and that there is a lot of exciting things they can learn about you. Thus, the title should be brief and captivating.
  • Make Reference to Yourself - Since this is a title for a personal essay, you must make the title have a description that is making a particular reference. This means that you should include pronouns like "my" and "I." This is an essential tip with regards to how to title an essay about yourself.
  • Make the Title Captivating - This goes without saying that to ensure that the readers spend their valuable time reading your essay, you need to have built their interest right from the title of the personal essay.

How to Title an Essay about a Book

In terms of how to title an essay about a book, there are three things to pay attention to. Take note; that they are additional pointers to what we have been saying from the general tips of how to write title an essay paper:

  1. Read the entire book first. There is no short-cut. Reading the whole book will ensure that you know what is entirely what is discussed in the book. You can thus formulate a title that does not rely on one aspect of the story from the book. Avoid reading book reviews, and read the book personally.
  2. Try to come up with an original title for the essay that does not contain or preferably contains a few words concerning the book title. You should not recreate the title of the book, instead, focus on writing about the central theme or what you have learned from the book. You could say something like "What Writer P Teachers us about Love."
  • Finally, on how to title an essay about a book, stay away from abbreviations and other linguistic jargon that is not professional in writing the title.
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How to Title an Essay for College

In college essay writing, there are a few things to consider on how to title an essay for college. These include:

  1. Using professional language. Restrict yourself to formal use of English as you will be addressing scholars most of the time. More emphasis should be put in knowing the form of essay and its title requirement as well as the target reader. This determines the language form to use and the method to employ to capture their attention.
  2. Have a pre-determined idea about your preferred audience. This will determine how to title an essay for college in the sense that you will know how to develop their interest and to pass the message to them directly or indirectly.
  3. Avoid negativity in the title. Try to avoid negative writing titles, especially for academic work. Be more positive but ensure that you offer constructive criticism in the title.
  4. Also, for academic work, do not involve personal reference like "I" and "My."

How to Title a Biography Essay

Most people do not know how to title a biography essay, yet it is one of the most common essays that are written in high school and even college. This is mainly because students read a lot of academic work at this point in their lives.

A biography refers to a story that describes the life of an individual. A biography essay, therefore, is an essay that defines the life of a person. Consider the following on how to title a biography essay:

  • Include their name in the title. It is crucial to include the name of the individual that you are discussing in the biography because it will ensure that the reader knows the person who is being discussed in the specific biography essay.
  • Capture essential contributions of the person. To make the title more personalized, you could capture the vital contribution which was made by the person in their life, which makes them prominent.
  • Make the title interesting. As discussed, this can be done through the choice of words or the use of punctuation.
  • Make the title positive. This will make the reader more interested in knowing more about the person since people love positivity.
  • Do not forget to use a good and positive tone in the title of the biography essay. The use of tone matters a lot, especially in the case of professional writing in which a biography essay is one of them. It allows the writer to strike a good rapport with the reader.


All in all, we have discussed how to title an essay paper and seen that there are factors that determine the title of a paper. Some of them included; punctuation, the length of the title, the captivity of the title, and the content of the essay. We have also looked into the general tips of how to write a paper and focused on five essential tips which could implement for the successful formulation of a title. What you can derive from the above discussion is that there are ways to write a title, and these are determined by the essay that you are writing.

The final thing to remember is how to title an essay is that you should gather enough knowledge and write the paper first. After doing so, then you could use some of the phrases or instances to come up with a juicy title. This applies especially for the case of narrative essays where the title is open for the writer to manipulate based on the story and audience. We hope that the above pointers will be pivotal in instilling adequate principles on how to tackle essay titles.

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