How to Write a Classification Essay

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When we think about classification essay writing, what comes to our mind is that it must be a complicated undertaking or task to do. Of course, we are not wrong in our thinking because a lot must be considered for one to write an article of this kind. We not only have to prepare well, but we also need to gather essential data to put into this type of writing. There is a need to inculcate some skills to write a classification essay. The classification essay outline becomes a vital tool to write the paper, and for that reason, we need to take our time and think through the points.

In definition, a classification essay is a complex document that groups together information or ideas that exhibit similar properties or characteristic. The article substantiates the relevance of the common features shared among the elements to the reader for example, how relevant are specific clusters of books relevant for history students, why are they grouped together to enrich the field of history and in terms of information, is the connection important for a historian? If we can answer these questions, then we have understood what a classification essay is. If the idea sounds difficult even to comprehend, you can get classification essay writing service availed.

Classification Essay Outline: A Starter to the Writing Process

To guide our writing process, we will need a premise and a framework to refer to each time. It is imperative to think about how you want your paper to look like long before you write it. Just like a traveler who does not know how to get to his or her final destination, the purpose of a classification essay outline is to serve as a map to show us the direction to our final destination. Writing a great article depends on equally a good framework.

The structure of the outline should include an introduction and body and a conclusion.

The Introduction Section

  • Introductory statement, i.e., the topic sentence with some interesting facts or attention-grabbing sentences
  • A thesis statement is also known as a claim by the writer with regards to the topic of discussion
  • A transitional word such as therefore, furthermore, and so on.

The Body Section

  • First cluster or classification in the first paragraph of the body
  • Second cluster in the second paragraph of the body section
  • Third cluster or categorization of facts, events or figures in the third paragraph of the body section.

The Conclusion Section

The section contains a summary of the point or categories, as explained in the article. It also restates the thesis statement for classification essay, in addition, to call for action if necessary.

Writing a Classification Essay: Understanding the Structure

Writing a classification essay entails learning first about the structure of the piece. With proper knowledge about how the article is arranged, then we can comfortably begin the task of writing. Just like other articles or essay, the organization of a classification essay is done in five paragraphs with the first one being an introduction, the middle three being the body paragraphs and the last one being the conclusion paragraph. This, however, is not cast in stone, if a writer finds that there is more to include in the essay and he is running out of the paragraph, he or she is free to create more body paragraphs.

Classification Essay Introductory Paragraph

This section begins with a strong statement that introduces the topic otherwise known as the topic sentence; you should show by explaining the enumerated points as vivid as possible to the readers. It is recommended that the beginning sentence must contain an eye-catching statement or attention-getter to make the readers read the entire article. This being an article that deals with some organization of the data, the beginning sentence can apply some statistical figures that can attract the attention of the reader to the article. With a dull article, the readers will not only get disinterested in the classification essay, but they will probably not understand the point it is conveying.

The second meaningful discussion of the introduction is the thesis statement for classification essay. It is not only a common practice but an essential aspect of good writing. The writer, in this case, must show the readers the purpose of the article he or she is writing by a very clearly stated thesis statement for classification essay. Readers would love to know the writer's position or standpoint with regards to the topic, and a claim statement well explains this.

While writing the introduction part, the writer must not forget that it is his or her duty to make readers understand why the organization of the data is done and why the pattern he or she has adopted is the best. More so, the ending smoothly transits to the subsequent section in a manner that takes the reader into that section in a sequential way.

Classification Essay Body Paragraphs

They say that all that you need in terms of information on a topic you are reading about is within the body section of the essay. This is true, and a good writer must organize the body section such that the pints are well elaborated. Each part of the body should contain a single idea or explain a point to the reader. We can organize it in three paragraphs bearing a category of things, information, or items for discussion.

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It is also important not to overlook the fact that classification essay examples have reminded us that we have to include relevant examples in our body to help the reader understand the point we are discussing. More importantly, there should be a logical flow, and no inconsistencies should be tolerated in the body.

How we arrived at the means of categorizing the subject of discussion is of great interest or the reader, while we are explaining this on the body paragraph, we need to carefully provide facts and evidence to support not only the thesis statement for the classification essay but also to show our credibility as the creator of the article. Equally, the sentences should be as short and effective as possible with flowing transitions just as the introduction.

Classification Essay Conclusion

After everything has been explained, and the reader has been told about the topic, the writer takes the final step which is essentially the step of making a summarized statement to explain the topic once more in brief. Importantly, the final section of the essay serves to remind the readers about the key points that they need not forget about the article in addition to the classification essay thesis statement. If there is a call for action, then this is the part to state it, or if there are further recommendations, this is the part to do so. In other words, the writer must be able to present the entire document once again, but in a single paragraph.

Tips on Writing a Classification Essay

It is essential to review some of the classification essay examples and have an idea of how they were created in the first place. If you find out that the document is so exciting to read, then you should appreciate the preparation that went into the work. Even before the first draft is created, the writer must think through what he or she wants to write. Coherency is achievable when we take into consideration aspects such as the significance of the grouped entities, their order in the classification essay and the length of the sentence that we use to describe the clusters. The following are some of the ways we can use create a good paper:

Generating Classification Essay Topics through Brainstorming

It is always challenging to come up with a functional problem for any work of writing; usually, student find it as one of the most challenging activities in writing, to have a topic that works well for your essay, you may need to work together with others through brainstorming. Carefully think about the problem and then ask the opinion of some of your classmates on the topics you have settled on. To get it right, it is vital to think about topics that can allow the writer to create different categories or clusters. Ideally, a good topic should enable the student to have at least three classes so that the body section will have sufficient points to explain. The more the topics are, the better for the student because it is much easier to settle for one when you have a lot.

Choosing the Categories for our Essay

The business of a classification essay is to group the ideas that need to be discussed as a unit together. The writer must, therefore, think about the angle he or she wants to take, but first, he has to settle on the category. With topics that allow the writer to create multiple choices, there is always a challenge of deciding on the one that comes before the rest; however, it is essential to organize the chosen categories in a manner that communicates the message to the readers. In other words, every group should be sorted out logically and with orderliness.

Organize the Clusters of the Essay

It is paramount to point out that nothing is as irritating as a document that is so disorganized. The organization of the cluster itself differs with the organization of the sets of groups within the classification essay. Again, it is a question of the method the writer wants to use. The most common method used for communicating the vital points is called an inverted pyramid where the writer starts with the most crucial cluster cascading to the list. Another approach could be the use of the pyramid where the document begins with the least important to the most important. Whichever means adopted, the goal should be to communicate effectively and clearly to the reader.

Creating a Thesis Statement for the Classification Essay

Usually, writers apart from discussing the points try as much as possible to direct the whole discussion within the article. The best way to take the readers with us in our article is to provide a strong thesis statement. The introduction is considered incomplete or ineffective without this type of account. We have to focus our central ideas as clustered in support if the thesis. As we create the thesis, we may decide that it will pose an argument or it will simply explain the clusters following our opinion as to the writer of the article. The thesis can be changed in the course of writing if we realize that it does not align with some of the ideas that we need to discuss.

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Classification Essay Topics to Consider

The choice for a topic for the essay should be informed by several factors that have been discussed in the section that speaks of the tips; however, a good topic must yield to categories because that is the basis of classification essay. We can draw a topic from the following:

  • Social Categorization
  • Groups Of Engineers
  • Categorization Of News
  • Types Of Students
  • Ranks Of The Civil Servants
  • Military Categorization
  • Examples Of Novels
  • Categorization Of Literary Article
  • Water Bodies

Note that in case you are not able to come up with a good topic, you can always enlist the classification essay writing services available. There are a lot of topics we can get from such services and so our writing life can be a bit easier.


Classification essay writing gets interesting with the knowledge of the process that is involved. As we ponder about the topic that we won't write about with regards to this type of essay, it is also vital to prepare well and get our facts in order. The key to achieving a good piece means we have thought deeply and come up with a classification essay outline. Through a good classification essay, we can assist the readers in appreciating the value of this type of essay in their lives. Remember that you are a solution provider through your writing, and it is for this reason that you have to put only the factual information in the document and also support the information with evidence.

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