How To Write a Precis

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Figure out What a Precis is

Students all over the world are enjoying their study at the college until getting the assignment to write the précis. It is one of the most common academic papers that make them start worrying about a grade beforehand. Actually, it is not a big surprise at all if remember plenty of requirements for this work. If you want to increase own chances for getting a good grade, then start with the notion of a precis itself.

A precis is a short summary of a book, article or any other story. When one creates such a paper, he/she needs to state the major points of the original text but do not include own opinion or conclusion. Such assignment must be as short as possible, without any unwanted details that can make it too complicated for the readers' understanding. Moreover, a proper structure is also a must. Of course, these are not all key features of a book precis. So, let's discuss the other ones.

What are the Basic Features of a Precis?

It is impossible to prepare a good academic paper without proper research. A student needs to learn the main characteristics, principles, and rules of precis writing. Otherwise, the result may be not such as the teacher expects. So, remember the most significant features of a good paper:

  • Author's style, as well as the original mood, must be saved;
  • No chance for adding own point of view, conclusions, ideas, etc.;
  • Absolute absence of the facts and events that were not described in the original text;
  • Only a third person narration is allowed in a book precis;
  • No original sentences, paragraphs or word-combinations can be copied;
  • An overall paper structure must be clear, simple with logically connected phrases.

If you take all these points into consideration, you will save your efforts greatly. Moreover, you need to remember all the teacher's recommendations which he/she gives you before writing a rhetorical precis.

Top Don'ts of a Winning Paper

Besides specified above important features of a precis, there are some don'ts you need to know in order to avoid them. This is very significant as they can spoil both text and impressions from it. So, don't make mistakes and learn that a precis mustn't have:

  1. Personal pronouns "We” and "I”;
  2. Confusing sentences and phrases;
  3. Student's criticism, conclusions, style, and ideas;
  4. Abbreviations and contractions;
  5. Any questions at all;
  6. Information that can't be found in the original text.

Agree, the list of don'ts is not very long. So all you need to do is to keep them in mind and make no errors while writing a precis. As a result, a high grade is guaranteed without any doubts.

Useful Tips on Creating a Top-quality Precis

Theoretical knowledge is definitely great. But what to do if you need to prepare a precis right now. Have you got any idea of what to begin with, what methods to use and what actually to do? If no, then this list of simple but effective steps is what you really need.

  1. First of all, you must read the original text several times. At the very beginning, your first aim is to catch the main idea an author tried to express.
  2. Then you need to check the length of a paper. Usually, a teacher states the number of words but if not, then you must calculate by yourself.
  3. If you are sure that the main idea of the entire text is clear for you, then start writing a precis.
  4. Do your best to outline the major moments of the document and write them down. Do not include any facts which were not mentioned by the author;
  5. A good heading is a must. Think well and choose the most suitable one;
  6. Next, arrange available notes correctly without forgetting important things. Keep to the structure of the original text;
  7. Use all grammar rules when you write the précis. Remember that it must be created in the past tense and in the third person. The only indirect form is permitted.
  8. Checkup the composition once again. Make sure it doesn't have any punctual grammar or spelling errors.
  9. Finally, compare own notes with the original plot. If everything is alright and clear, then start to create a rhetorical precis

These steps will help you achieve a goal quicker and impress your teacher for sure. In fact, following them is a reliable way to get a good grade.

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How Receive Excellent Grade with Ease?

Of course, you will not be able to find any perfect precis examples online or even in the local library. But it doesn't mean there are no ways to achieve an impressive result. If you follow these simple tips, you will get a paper of your dream without applying many efforts. Just look at them and remember that a structure is the first thing you need to care about. A good one has:

  1. Introduction. A thesis statement, as well as source's details, must be mentioned here.
  2. The Body. State the author's purpose along with the ways it is achieved.
  3. The conclusion. Here you need to talk about the overall importance of the text.

In order all these parts look great together, you need to apply such tips while precis writing:

  • Write down helpful notes. No matter whether it is the first time you read the story, you need to highlight the central ideas and then note them. Analyzing is also required. Maybe you will have to reorganize them.
  • Think well about a thesis statement and go on writing it. The main purpose of the thesis is the presentation of the topic of the article. Of course, a creator's tone must be preserved for sure.
  • A precis has to be divided into several parts. All of them must have suitable subheadings. Discuss each idea only in the new paragraph.
  • The main idea must be mentioned in each section. First, pick up all available ideas and then organize them in a proper way. You can avoid possible misunderstanding if write down every idea in a new sentence.
  • Don't even think of expressing own attitude, ideas and preferences. It is not allowed to show them in a precis. Yes, you need to use own sentences and phrases but a personal opinion is forbidden. Your mission is only to create a short summary of the original text.

Hope, these tips don't make you confused. Actually, it is not so challenging to follow them as may seem to be at the first glance. Just devote some time to learning the key principles. And, of course, try to look at some precis examples that may help you catch the general idea of preparing a winning precis.

An Effective Way to Create Impressive Precis

Hope, you have understood and remembered all important features of good writing along with a proper structure and discussed don'ts. If yes, then it is high time to begin creating a precis of your dream. Finding the article on a very exciting topic will be your advantage. A number of sources that intend to explain the rules of precis outline is just incredible. However, you don't need to look for the best one as all useful tips are gathered in one place. Just read them and try to implement during writing. If you master these points, your paper will definitely stand out of the crowd.

  • Choose a book, story or an article and start researching it. You can also find some great tips that will help you improve own research skills. Don't waste money and time on paid resources. Choose texts that you can read in full size without losing even a cent.
  • Keep in mind what your teacher has recommended to you. Otherwise, the final paper will not catch the attention of the rest of the class.
  • After you have chosen a topic, go on creating a precis outline. Remember about the necessary structure of the document. Don't be lazy to refer to it every time you start working on a new paragraph.
  • Include the arguments which are significant for the writing.
  • Start the paper with information about the author and his/her main aim of writing the text.
  • A good introduction is a guarantee of a successful paper in general. So do your best while introducing the author and analyzing the article. It will be great if you can mention at least a couple of critical elements. The most significant points must be supported by the evidence. Your main task here is to make sure the readers understood the text well. One more essential part of the first paragraph is a thesis.
  • The next passage has to introduce a summary of the entire work. No undesired details are allowed. Create the paper as short as possible in order to make the readers interested in it.
  • Of course, the last paragraph is the last opportunity to express all the author's ideas and make proper conclusions. Maybe you will have to restate a thesis. Finally, the importance of the original work must be discussed.
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Keep these Things in Mind

Actually, being involved in the text and still not remain aside of it is quite a challenging task. Never use similar phrases to "According to the author". In this case, you will definitely stay apart of the composition. You need to keep a tone, mood, and style of the original text. To achieve this goal, you'd better avoid long and too complicated sentences.

What you should always keep in your mind that such a kind of academic writing must not have any of your own ideas or conclusions. Don't even think about including the quotes from the original text. Try to paraphrase all sentences but save the initial author's mood. Even if you don't agree with some of his/her ideas, you are not allowed to mention it.

Finally, you should keep an eye on every significant detail that may influence the overall sense of the article or story. Exclude all details that may prevent readers from catching a central idea of the text. 

Always Checkup a Writing

It goes without saying that the process of preparing a precis is very important. However, checking the final composition is not less significant. First of all, you need to read the text and see whether it contains any grammatical, spelling or punctual errors. Then, you must compare the expressed ideas with the ones that are in the original text. Care for saving the author's mood, style, and voice. The paper should be clear and of course, very simple so that not confuse readers. All types of references books, dictionaries are at your service. It's better to check the text several times instead of receiving it back.

The Conclusions

Hope, you remember all mentioned above characteristics, principles, and rules of creating a winning academic paper. Once, you apply them, the result will be impressive. There is no doubt your teacher will be satisfied with the quality of your precis and praise you in front of the class.

It may seem that following these rules is quite challenging. In fact, there is nothing difficult at all. Just save the author's original idea and try to present it in own way, without unknown and confusing phrases. A precis must be short, attractive and interesting to read. Finally, your main aim is just to tell the concept and a point of view of another person without spoiling it with own recommendations or conclusions. Write a precis, check it and decide whether you have included all the important things in it or not. Do your best and you will see that the final result will please both you and your teacher for sure.

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