How to Write Cause and Effect Essay

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Students always have to prepare some assignments. Even if they don't appeal to you, there is no chance to avoid writing required essays. However, preparation of essay on cause and effect is not as difficult as you may think at first. So, when the teacher says you will have to write such paper, you may breathe freely. Even if you don't know how to write cause and effect essay, you may take useful tips from this article into consideration and get the highest grade.

Cause and Effect Essay: What It Is

Before discussing the main rules of writing cause effect essays, lets' find out what they actually are. To begin with, these academic papers examine a definite situation and reveal either causes or effects. Pay attention to this example to catch the idea of this assignment better. For essence, you are going to write about increasing the population on Earth. You may talk whether about reasons for its increasing or the possible effects. Hope, such example explained to you what is a cause and effect essay.

However, it is not everything you need to know to create a unique paper. In case you don't know how to prepare the essay, you need to look for useful tips that may be of great help to you. Luckily, there is no necessity to waste time on their research as this guide contains all the information you need to write a brilliant document on your own. It presents 10 simple but effective steps to create an essay of your dream without applying many efforts. Just devote some time to study them, remember and try to realize during the process of preparing the paper. Mind, it is better to spend some time to understand the writing principles better than be disappointed with a bad grade. The final success depends directly on you. You will not have the second chance to impress the teacher and the readers. So, do your best and all your efforts will be awarded with A+. 

Step 1. Draw up a List of Possible Topics

The first step of guide on how to write cause and effect essay is making a list. If the teacher didn't give any particular topic, then you are lucky. It means you can choose it by yourself. Let the imagination work and find the one which really appeals to you. In order not to lose any good cause and effect essay ideas, you can draw up a list. Include in it all topics that seem to be interesting for you. Don't hurry and think properly. Remember it is just a preliminary list. You can write anything that comes to your mind.

At this step, you need to be very attentive and remember the main task of the required paper. Choose the topic which you know well. Remember, you will have to mention real causes or effects. Ready? Take a sheet of paper and write all of them down. For example:

  • Global warming
  • Legalization of gay marriage
  • Increasing the population
  • Ricing electricity prices

These are just some of the most common topics. Think of your own and make up the list that will help you select the most suitable one afterwards.

Step 2. Select The Topic from the List

Have you prepared a list of cause and effect essay ideas? Then it's high time to look it through and select only one. Exactly on a chosen topic, you are going to create a unique paper. Of course, the more ideas you included, the more difficult it will be to select. You may start with crossing out the topic that you know worse than the rest. In other words, you need to pick up the idea you know well. Remember, you will have to write a whole cause and effect essay but not just a few paragraphs. For example, you like the topic of ricing electricity prices most of all as it seems to be closer to you than others. It's okay. But do you actually know everything connected with increasing prices? Can you outline the causes and effects it has? Can you prove your point of view and be convincing?

If you still hesitate you are ready to provide readers with all the required information, then continue to choose a more suitable topic. But in case you feel the desire to investigate and create an impressive work, then just do it. Anyway, it is up to you to decide so just listen to own heart and choose the topic it will be interesting for you to write.

Step 3. Brainstorm to Select Cause or Effect

Hope, you have already looked through all ideas for cause and effect essays and made your choice. Now, your task is to decide what you are going to discuss: causes or effects. For essence, you want to prepare a paper about global warming. However, it is difficult for you to decide what to describe: causes or effects. It is not surprising, as this choice is as challenging as the previous one. If you want to make things more clear, then take this useful tip into consideration. Just devote some time to such brainstorming exercise:

  • Prepare two lists. One is for causes while the second one for effects;
  • Mention all known causes of global warming into the first list;
  • Write down possible effects of global warming into the second one;
  • Look at both lists. Which one looks more familiar to you? What points are easier for you to write about?
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Think of the last questions well. Don't hurry. You may even take some break and look at these lists the next day. Maybe you will have another point of view or, on the contrary, stop to hesitate which one to choose. Anyway, you should be completely confident you have enough information to provide readers with. Otherwise, your paper will not be convincing and able to attract the attention of other people.

Step 4. Start the Research

Now you have chosen both the topic of cause and effect essay and angle of writing (either causes or effects). So, the next step is research. The main rule here is the selection of used sources. Consider only checked and reliable websites. Avoid visiting personal blogs or other unverifiable sources. The information must be true and confirmed by well-known experts.

Another tip is reading a lot. More you read, more useful information you discover. These may be trends and popular questions. In general, everything that may draw attention to your paper and help it stand out of other cause effect essays. Work hard at this stage and it will be easier for you to write a thesis later.

Step 5. Write a Thesis

When you look for information what is a cause and effect essay, you may come across such notion as a thesis statement. It is a very important part of the whole essay. A thesis must explain to readers why they should care about the mentioned topic. Mind it should not be personal like:

  • Ricing electricity prices will prevent me from saving money for vocation.

Actually, its aim is to show the significance for people. Otherwise, the paper will not catch their attention. For essence:

  • The growth of electricity prices will make people suffer from saving money for other needs. They will have to pay a big part of the salary for the electricity.

In such a way, you have more chances to make them interested in a particular topic. Moreover, this will show them what you are going to write about. So, readers will know what to expect.

Step 6. Create an Outline

The outline for the essay on cause and effect directly depends on the instructions your teachers give you. As a rule, they expect to receive a 5-paragraph document. In this case, the outline will be as follows:

  1. Introduction paragraph. Here you need to introduce a chosen topic and mention your thesis.
  2. Supporting paragraph 1. It contains an idea which completely supports a thesis.
  3. Supporting paragraph 2. It presents the second idea of supporting your thesis.
  4. Antithesis paragraph. Write about the available argument of another side (for example, in case you are talking about global warming, then say some people completely deny its existence).
  5. Finally, restate own thesis and introduce any thoughts or ideas for the next research on a chosen topic.
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Step 7. Prepare the First Draft

If you have performed all these steps at a high level, then writing the first draft will not be a problem for you. Moreover, there is one great tip. Don't hurry to edit it at once. Give yourself some time, do other activities, rest, and only then return to the paper. You need at least one day before writing the second draft. This time will help you look at the paper at another angle. Maybe you will notice some logic, grammar or punctual mistakes. It is a great opportunity to correct them and make sure your essay is polished enough.

Step 8. Be accurate

Your paper must contain only the necessary information. Be accurate to include the ideas and thoughts that make a sense and help readers catch the idea of the paper better. Don't use too complicated phrases and too long sentences. The readers must feel comfortable whole looking through your essay but not to search for the meaning of some words in the dictionary or on the Internet. Otherwise, they will lose the interest and will not read it to the end.

Step 9. Let Somebody Check Your Paper

It happens, a person can't see own mistakes. So, you can ask somebody to look through your paper to see whether it contains some errors. A fresh point of view will play into your hands. Such an approach will make your document shine like a diamond. Mind, your assistance should not be a teacher or a specialist in a definite area. Let it be just an ordinary person like your future readers.

Step 10. Hand The Paper in

Look through all your ideas for cause and effect essays, and make sure you have chosen the best topic and revealed it properly. Check the paper once again to see whether it is written in accordance with the outline. Also, see whether you have mentioned all author whose quotes you have used in the document. Otherwise, you can face the problems of plagiarism. As a result, you will have serious consequences. If everything is good, then your essay is ready to impress the readers.


Writing an academic paper may turn out to be a real hell if you have not required knowledge of doing it. Of course, practice makes perfect, but every student dreams of getting a high grade, especially if the preparation of the essay took many efforts and nerves. So, it is not surprisingly most of them spend lots of days and nights in the libraries or online hoping to find some catching facts that will help their paper stand out of the other essays.

Hope this guide will be useful for you and save some time you can spend on other, more interesting activities. All of them are quite clear and simple so that you will be able to create a real masterpiece if do your best. In order, you have not understood something, don't be shy to consult the teacher. As a rule, tutors always have some point of view how the paper they want you to create should look. Also, you can search for more samples of cause effect essays on the Internet as well as ideas that are popular these days. In this case, you will be sure you are on the right path to a winning paper.

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