How To Write Introduction for Your Essay

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One major challenge that you need to get an answer for is how to write introduction for your essay. Ordinarily, students are vested with a task to accomplish, and they are asked to write articles which eventually get graded. As the task of writing is getting explored and useful lessons learned, writing an introduction for the essay remains to be the most important undertaking that must be adhered to if an excellent article is achievable.

As students gather relevant information and materials that they want to use in their essay, their concern remains to be how to write introduction for your essay. Introduction paragraphs play an essential role in letting the audience know about the story the writer is telling them. Through the excellent presentation, the readers get guided through the essay. Other than the fact that introductions add spice to the written work, they also draw the attention of the readers to the article and make them want to read through the entire piece. Think of a film or movie you are eager to watch for it to start without any first bit or even sound. You will mostly lose interest in the movie and never watch it again. It also applies to essays.

To write a good essay, you must think of your audience as travelers moving from one place to the next. The start of the journey, especially when it is to explore or sightsee must be preceded by some new information about the exploration and be ended with even better news. This is the work of an introduction to an essay. So to learn about the best way of writing a good introduction essay, the following useful writing tips will give more insight:

Thesis Statement for a Definition Essay

Thesis statement for a definition essay is significant in exposing the purpose of the reader as well as in offering guidance that the readers can appreciate. A thesis statement helps in lending credence to the essay by telling the readers the position of the writer with regards to the subject of study. So, before you write the introduction, you will have to think about the content of that particular introduction and how you will craft the thesis statement for a definition essay.

How to Generate a Thesis Statement

Given that is a central component of the definition essay, the writer must carefully think through it and make information that will not contradict the theme of the article and will be in accord with the topic statement. Think about what you want your readers to appreciate about the position you took and how you intend to defend that position.

  • Establish the essay topic: basically, you cannot generate a thesis statement for a definition essay without having a topic. The, in this case, should be specific and realistic. It is advisable to avoid broad topics that will present you with a broader angle, thus making it hard to focus on the critical point or the main idea. You should instead have a narrow but not too close topic that will keep you on the track.
  • Write a good topic sentence: this is the sentence or the line which preceded the thesis statement. Its importance is that it helps the writer to introduce the thesis statement so well besides blending it with the rest of the sentences within the introduction paragraph. The writer will also have to transition from an account that considered as general to the specific one, and this is the role of the topic sentences when creating the thesis statements.
  • Come up with an account of your view or a thesis statement: write down an idea that you want to base your argument. The design should come at the very last part of the introductory paragraph of the essay. Draft several plans and try them out after the topic sentence to see if they will fit in your definition essay
  • Make it short and sweet: a thesis statement for a definition essay should be brief and to the point. It is essential to void dillydallying but instead go straight to the end. Avoid using a lot of words that are not necessary. Your readers do not have time to try and figure out for themselves what the writer implies. In as much as the Thesis statement should not be evident to the point of being so dull, it should, on the same note, not be complicated for the readers to comprehend.

Now that a thesis statement has been established and drafted, the next step that a good writer while writing a definition essay should be observant of is to:

Consider the Opening Sentence for the Introduction Essay

This particular statement is general and does not narrow down to the specifics of the introduction essay. It is intended to grab the attention of the reader and hook him or her to the entire article. The opening sentence also provides an overview of the content of the whole paragraph besides introducing the thesis statement. It is paramount that when writing this section for the introductory essay, use quotes that rate relevant, apply anecdotes, fascinating facts, analogies, and definitions. You may opt to present a dilemma or a question warranting some response.

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The idea of the writing in addition to the purpose of the topic is the role the topic sentence should project to the readers. The sentence implies that the sentence foretells the entire purpose of the research as contained in the essay because it is indeed how to write introduction for your essay.

The following are the useful writing tips and examples of an opening sentence introduction essay:

  • "Today, the internet has become a household platform where critical information on various issues affecting life comes from.”
  • War on terror is today related to world wars despite the thinking that it is less impactful as compared to the world war.”
  • Worlds economy is growing at a steady rate thanks to globalization, which has yielded to a more liberalized market.”

Building the Sentence for Definition Essay

Having written the first introductory sentence as the topic sentence for definition essay now paves away for more addition to the sentence. In essence, the sentence does not stop with the topic line, but subsequent ones are written to give more weight or emphasis on the introduction essay. Remember, the first line attempted to provide background information for the sake of giving readers some contextual info with regards to the subject of discussion. The readers are prepared, and they want to know more. Provide more sentences at this point by expounding on the first one but remember to apply transitions as much as you can so that there can be a smoother flow between the sentences. Two to three more lines will be useful before the thesis statement as an essential component of the definition essay is finally added.


A definition essay is not the entire essay but just a first part, therefore, you should not divulge more at this point but only the ones that make the readers curious enough read the entire paper.

Adding the Thesis statement Earlier Crafted

You did an excellent job by coming up with ideas about the thesis statement and even writing it down to see how it will fit into the essay. Well, that effort is now rewarded. Consider putting it as the last sentence to the opening or introduction paragraph you have created. Try and read the entire section to see if the thesis statement for a definition essay blends well with the sentences you have written. For example, if the thesis statement read as follows,

"Oppression is the language of the reach because they use it to manipulate the poor.”

The statement is a strong claim that must be backed by facts, but, that is not so necessary at this point. What you need to consider are the sentences leading to this claim as the introduction. In that case, to understand how to write introduction for your essay will require you to view useful writing tips and an example like the one below:

Today, social justice is unattainable for so many people in society. Rich people have found gaps in human relations and are exploiting the loopholes to take advantage of the less fortunate. In as much as there has been a concerted effort by the labor unions to bring about some form of parity and equitable resource allocation, the dream of the less fortunate to own properties and live better lives have been nothing but a pipe dream. There is only one section of the society that has mastered a perfect skill and language to take control over others. They have a common understanding among their equals, and they have conspired to retain status quo at all cost, and that is why oppression is the language of the reach because they use it to manipulate the poor.

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The example provided above speaks of oppression by the wealthy elite, whereby the writer is airing some strong opinion about the plight of the poor and how they have suffered in the hands of their oppressors. This is an excellent introductory statement that will attract the attention of the reader. Earlier on, the argument was constructed by the writer which he has since added to the lines to make the introduction complete. It is optional to add a closing sentence to the paragraph so that your reader can get more direction; however, a good introduction will still guide the readers.

An Example on How to Write Introduction for your Essay

Human-Wildlife Conflict

According to global wildlife fund, human-wildlife conflict is on the rise because of increased activities at the parks, which are the homes to the animals. There is massive destruction of the forests thanks to substantial logging activities that are threatening the biodiversity. A more significant percentage of the parks hosting the wildlife has experienced real estate development and other human activities that have seen large sections of these parks annexed. Deaths destruction of homes by the wild animal as they try to reclaim their space has been on the rise because the humans have since taken the traditional water sources for the animals. In not so many years to come, animals will be rendered homeless, and our children will have nothing in the form of flora and fauna to inherit. Therefore, there is an urgent need to intervene and stop the activities that are causing the rift between humans and animals.

You will realize that the introduction of this passage has begun will a statement of facts. This is one of the best ways to write an introduction essay. Begin by some few sentences then add the thesis statement then end by a call to action just as the above example of introduction essay has done.

To further understand how to write introduction for your essay, the following useful writing tips will help. Remember to follow them to the core so that the opening will be adding value to your readers.

  • Create a topic
  • Think of a thesis statement and write it down
  • Write the topic sentence to introduce your ideas
  • Add more sentences to emphasize your point
  • Write the whole introduction plus the thesis statement

Remember that your definition essay should be

  • Short
  • Specific
  • Focused on the thesis statement


The purpose of writing a definition essay is to foretell the substance of the article you are writing. There are so many useful writing tips and ideas that have been published in various sites to help a student. However, even as you contemplate visiting such sites, it is essential to note that you will need a strong thesis statement for a definition essay so that your introduction can be fascinating and engaging at the same time. Just like writing the body of an article, it is imperative that research should inform the entire process and that students take their time as they explore the best method that they can apply in creating a good introduction. Otherwise, there is no other better way of how to write introduction for your essay than to understand the process.

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