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Is Digital Technology Good for Children? – Essay [1400+ Words]

“Is Digital Technology good for children?” is a hot topic right now and many experts are split on the subject. On one hand, some argue that technology can be harmful for children because it causes them to miss out on important face-to-face interactions with their peers and family members.

Others say that technology actually helps children learn and improves communication skills because they have access to a constant stream of information at their fingertips. Children are having access to digital devices at younger and younger ages.

Is Digital Technology Good for Children - Essay

Is Digital Technology Good for Children? – Essay


Some children under the age of ten have ipads, smartphones, or computers that they are allowed to use as soon as they get home from school. Some children become addicted to technology before their addiction gets out of control.

Although some argue that children’s access to digital technologies can be harmful in the long run, it is hard to deny that they have many benefits. Children who have access to technology at a young age learn how to use it more effectively.

And kids who are too young to know how to use technology well still benefit greatly from having it, in that they learn new and useful skills such as multitasking. Because children are exposed to more information every day, they can develop more critical thinking skills than their counterparts who do not have access to digital technologies.

Is Digital Technology Harmful or Beneficial for children?

The point where technology goes from harmful or beneficial is probably the time when it becomes routine. When everything becomes routine, there is less time for children to interact with other people and expand on the experiences they encounter in their daily lives.

Having a routine is helpful for children because it helps them feel connected to the world around them even if they are not yet old enough to be able to participate in those activities. And when the routine is gone, the child may get addicted to certain habits and technologies that become unhealthy at an early age.

For example, children may become addicted to video games.  When children play video games as young as three, they are most likely to prefer these games and not want to stop playing them. Their lack of interest in other activities and their desire to spend all of their free time on their favorite hobby can cause a lot of trouble for the child.

The child may become antisocial and lose the ability to communicate well with peers. And when children do not socialize, they do not develop normal communication skills and are unable to interact with others effectively. They also fail to develop social skills that they need in order to have healthy relationships.

They also get involved in illegal activities such as cyber bullying and hacking. For example, if a child steals someone’s identity through digital technology, he or she can get into trouble, especially if that identity belongs to an adult. If a child hacks into someone’s computer and causes harm, he or she can be held accountable for his or her actions.

Digital Solitude or Digital Community

The question of a child’s digital consumption is a very complex subject that requires an in-depth analysis. Some experts stress the importance of digital solitude, which is the ability to remain alone with your thoughts and to be able to express yourself without being influenced by the opinions of others.

On the other hand, some tend to focus on communicating with other people through technology, and how this helps children develop their social skills and become more aware of others’ needs.

The age that children start using technology is not an accurate way to judge the effects of technology on them. The effects will depend on their personality and the type of digital devices they have access to.

Children will benefit from having access to a variety of technologies, from smartphones and ipads to video games, at an early age because it gives them many opportunities for learning new skills and communicating with others.

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Good or Positive Effects of Technology on Children

Information Overload

It is easier to drown in information today. Technology gives us access to a never-ending stream of information, and this may be both good and bad for children.

For instance, some children become addicted to certain games because they are exposed to stimuli that are very similar to real life situations. The fact that they can relate their gaming experience with their real life experiences makes them feel like they are overcoming the challenges that life throws at them.

Peer Pressure

Many children are prone to following the trends of their peers, and this is harmful in some ways. For example, if a child talks to his friends about using a specific game and they decide that they want to use it too, some people may be reluctant to say no because they fear being looked down upon.

Social Skills Development

Digital technology gives kids the opportunity to learn many new skills at an early age, and this helps them develop their social skills and become more aware of others’ needs. These skills help children get more involved in their social interactions with other people, and it also helps them grow in many different ways.

Parental Time Management

For some parents, it is not necessarily a bad thing for their children to have access to technology as soon as possible because it allows them to manage their time more efficiently.

They work more hours but are not doing things that they would have otherwise done if they had time for family activities instead of work. This leads them to feel like they are not giving their children the attention they deserve.

The Downsides of Technology on Children


Some children become addicted to certain technologies, and this can be harmful. For example, some kids are addicted to video games and cannot stop playing them no matter what they do.

Learning Disabilities

There is a chance that some of the information children obtain through digital technology is incorrect or incomplete. This could lead to learning disabilities that could have been avoided if they had learned the right information in the first place.


Although it may be very beneficial for children to be introduced to new information, they cannot afford to be distracted by it. They need to learn how to focus on the right things and try their best at everything they do.

Self Image Improvement

Some children like being involved in various activities, such as sports or music lessons, and other activities that do not require much effort on their part. Some children would rather spend long hours in front of a screen, but this does not necessarily make them bad at anything.

Lack of Creativity

Some children lose their creativity when they spend too much time with electronic devices. Instead of being able to think outside the box, these children are easily influenced by what other kids are saying and tend to pick up the same things they do, which could cause them to loose their individuality and creativity.

Lack of Physical Activity

Many children who have access to technology are not as physically active. Some of them sit in front of the computer all day and prefer to play video games or watch movies instead of being outside or taking part in other physical activities.

The Importance of Digital Literacy for Children

There is a tremendous importance for digital literacy to become a necessary skill for children, especially when it comes to their future career choices. It is important for them to be able to understand the content they are being exposed to, especially when it comes to social networks.

It is also important for children to be able to understand how technology affects them and their future. It would be a bad thing if this was not taught at an early age because it would make it more difficult for them in their daily lives later on.

There are also some dangers that accompany technology, and this is something that we all have to be aware of as adults. For example, if we spend too much time with technology, we might be ignoring the needs of others in our lives. This could lead to a bad relationship with our families or ourselves.

On the other hand, some people are addicted to certain technologies because the stimulation they provide when used correctly. There is no right way to use technology, and this is why we have to be careful not to be lazy with it.

Summary of the Essay – Is Digital Technology good for Children?

Technology can be beneficial or harmful depending on a child’s personality. Some children will benefit from technology while others may fall into the trap of becoming addicted to certain devices.

The fact that some parents allow their children play video games excessively could lead them down the wrong path as well because when they are older, it will be more difficult for them to stop using it if they are addicted to it before.

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