Medical Treatment Essay

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A medical treatment essay is a form of educational essay which is usually given out by professors who also happen to be specialists, in the field of medicine. This type of essay is given by these professors to students to show why a particular treatment is good or not appropriate for patients.

Eventually, this essay aids students in having a thorough understanding, and it helps them to get good conclusions concerning their research study, and also equip them for the journey ahead.

When you are able to effectively draw conclusions for studies, and past information, it is essential to having a good grasp about why certain treatments are not productive. Hence, if you are having issues putting down an essay about medical treatment, this piece should serve as a pointer on how to do it effectively without encountering any trouble.

Fundamentally, writing an essay about medical treatment needs ample time of research, understanding, editing and proofreading before you get to the final phase. You might find it to be tiring at first.

However, with the guidelines which would be given in this piece, you would get to discover that it is quite easier, since you will be exposed to the technical know-how for writing a superb medical treatment advantages essay.

The Categories Of Medical Treatment And Their Benefits

Medical treatment fundamentally refers to the proper management, care and supervision of a patient, in order to effectively fight against a disease or medical condition. Medical treatment could include the use of prescription medications, non-prescription drugs, wound closing tools, systems structured to restrain some parts of the body, the use of oxygen to cure illness or injury.

There are four major categories of Medical Treatment, which are hinged on their possible results and they are:


This form of medical treatment aims at ensuring that you do not contract any disease. It is also known as Prophylactic Care. Vaccines can be used to avert some diseases, which has the capacity to see an individual all through his life. Genetics too has also been seen to be an integral part of preventive care.

At times, we might not know it, but there are some everyday activities we take part in, which is essential to our health. Such routines are as follows: Brushing the teeth daily, eating of some particular food, taking vitamins amongst others.


Once an individual has been diagnosed with a certain type of disease, there is the hope of getting the person's health on track. The main goal is to ensure that total healing occurs, and it is very feasible for a good number of health problems. Drugs are essential in achieving this; some drugs are used in eliminating the root of a certain ailment.

Surgery and physical therapy are also quintessential in curative treatment, as they make attempt to revamp a problem.

Disease Management

A good number of diseases can be effectively cured by medical treatments. If a medical ailment cannot be healed or cured, then the aim would be to ensure that it is well managed, so that the patient would last for long, and the quality of life would still be maintained.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is a form of medical treatment which is given to patients who have serious diseases, which has the capacity to end their lives. The goal of this kind of medical treatment, is to ensure that the patient is relieved of pain and a host of other symptoms.

Techniques For Writing A Good Medical Treatment Essay

Examine The Format Of The Essay

When it comes to writing essays, it has been discovered that students do not stick to the necessary principles which guides essay writing. An essay needs to contain a title page, statement of thesis, introduction, main body and a paragraph to wrap it up.

Create An Outline

You might think of writing first, without creating an outline. When you have an outline for any essay you want to write, it makes things easier for you. It is essential in helping you prepare your ideas before you commence writing.

Your outline fixes your idea on a big list, and it helps you to commence building on the basic treatment option, and a profound thesis statement if you are either for or against any form of treatment which you are writing on.

Hence, your outline would help you put down the major ideas, and create a specific section.

Write The Introduction

After your outline, the next step is to work on your introduction. You would have to give a good explanation for writing the essay. Your medical treatment advantages essay can be likened to giving an argument either supporting or opposing a specific case.

If your essay is supporting the specific type of treatment, it should be shown as a brief summary, if the essay is opposing the treatment, it should be outlined in the introductory paragraph. Whichever one you are opting for, there is a need for you to pass across your point to your audience.

At this point, it is essential that you do not go into specifics. Your introduction needs to be kept succinct with a thesis which is well stated. This would ensure that you remain in line, and your essay would be effortlessly introduced.

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Write The Body

After the introductory part of the essay, the next phase is the body of the essay. This is the aspect where you need to state your arguments, which justifies your view.

For each paragraph, they should come with a succinct and firm introduction, listing out what each section is explaining.

Thereafter, for each point you give, you would be required to explain thoroughly by using the data gathered from the studies and research you have made. You can also back up these studies with statistics and the likes.

You do not have to bother about the length of the body section, except if the professor needs you to attain a particular word count. You should also use ample information so that you can feel confident that you would be able to make your reader reason with you, about the treatment which should either be used, or not.

Write The Conclusion

Sequel to the body of the medical treatment for and against essay, is the concluding part. This phase requires you to conclude on your points, but you have to be careful, so that it would not look like you are repeating everything you have mentioned in the essay. The conclusion is quintessential in aiding end thought and it needs to be steady with your preceding discussion.

You should not introduce any new idea; neither should you add anything you have said. Your point of view should be well stated, so that it would show that you are fully decided on your view about the specific treatment.

Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

The vocabulary of an essay for medical treatment is very essential, and this is one of the key factors which distinguishes an average writer from an excellent one. A good vocabulary certainly enhances your writing, if you are well adept at using it.

Also, if you have a good word bank of medical terms, it would go a long way in making your medical treatment for and against essay superb. However, you should bear in mind that some readers might not understand. Hence, you would have to do some further explanation.

When it comes to spellings, the same principle still applies. You need to ensure that your spellings are top-notch, and that there are no errors. A spell check can come in handy to check erroneously spelled words that might be hidden to you. However, you should know that some spell checkers might not recognize medical terms, so you have to critically watch out for cases like that.

These days, when you go online, you would see lots of tools which are specifically meant to correct your grammar, and also improve your score. You can even start with the tools available on Microsoft Word, then further progress to using other advanced tools which would be more intricate and thorough.

Also, it is necessary that your punctuations are well inserted. Punctuations that are not well fixed have a way of modifying or totally changing certain points. You can run a manual check yourself, and also use an online tool to help you out.

Remain On The Topic

Staying on the topic is another problem which students tend to encounter whenever they are writing a medical treatment essay. This happens because they cannot effectively combat the questions which are in line with the essay, and they give answers to only what they feel like answering.

The problem with this is, a weak argument is created, and it does not avail you the opportunity of making your essay for medical treatment more concrete.

It is very easy for professors to tell if you have digressed from your topic, and also if you have not conducted good research and study for your medical treatment essay writing. Hence, it is essential that you critically research every point, so that you would have ample information to support your points, and also edify the merits and demerits of the treatments you are looking at.

It is better for you to work with recent studies, rather than using old study. This is so because, recent studies would be backed up with recent happenings and actual data, as compared to an old study. It is also advisable that you use various sources when you are treating specific points in your medical treatment essay.

Also, you need to make sure that you narrow down your topic. It should not be so extensive that it would be difficult for you to treat various specifics concerning the treatment. It should not also be limited to a narrow question where you would not be able to answer further questions concerning the treatment.

A medical treatment essay needs to contain elements which would address the treatment and the close substitutes.

In addition to this, it is essential that you have a prepared list of keywords for your medical treatment essay writing. If your professor requires that you use some specific keywords, then you need to make sure that you do not skip any of them. A checklist of words needs to be created, and the corresponding number of times which it should be used.

The most appropriate way to give a proper analysis of your theme, is to mark your keywords, and fix your ideas around them. Once you do this, you would observe that it would be more effortless to make readers to fully understand what you are writing about.

Furthermore, there is also a need for you to make use of new information, and not old ones. If you have written a similar medical treatment essay in the past, it is advisable for you not to make reference to it. The disadvantage which comes with this is, you would not be able to learn anything new if you just rewrite what you have worked on before.

Enhanced knowledge comes with further and extensive research, and doing that would help you write a medical treatment essay which would be better than former ones.

If it happens that the essay is an aspect of your final exams, and you would most likely not have an idea of the specific subject, it is advisable that you practice likely essay questions beforehand. Doing this would avail you the opportunity of having a profound grasp of the fitting structure of an essay.

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Work Fully With The Essay Conditions

It is a mainstream occurrence that professors would give specific guidelines which are to be used when you want to write your paper. The best way to properly work with these criteria, is to ensure that you have thoroughly gone through all the needed requirements before you commence writing. You would need to integrate the information into your outline, and then the rest of your essay can be written out.

Essays for medical treatment needs you to speak for the treatment type, and give reasons of the benefits, as well as the possible risks. You need to do an in-depth analysis of how the patients would be diagnosed and the possible risks.

When you are done with this phase, you need to use ample and precise data to strengthen your points. Having a strong evidence in this case is important.

Medical treatment essays most times pay more attention to substitutes treatments or the possible risks. Hence, this aids in making the information provided being more balanced. There would be points on why the treatment would be successful, and there would be other reasons why the risks associated with the treatment could surface.

Nonetheless, using your outline effectively in this case comes in handy, so that you would not go off the topic.

Having a checklist would also come in handy, this would give you an outline of the important things you have to include, and it helps you to make sure that you do not miss important points. There are no two same essays, hence, you need to work with the rubic given to you.

The less important criteria should be at the bottom, while the bigger ones should be at the top. This would aid you in correctly fixing certain sections and keywords as you write. A checklist is one of the essential ingredients to ensuring you do not miss out on any opinions as you write your medical treatment essay.

It is also important that you work on a practice essay, so that you would have a good idea on how the medical treatment essay would be. When you practice a few times, you would be amazed at how good your writing has become, and this would aid you in not leaving out necessary important elements.

Effective Time Utilization

It is quite possible that you would be working around a short deadline, you still need to work on pacing yourself. When you spend much time on one section, it could affect the other sections. Hence, there is a need for you to allot time for each section, and discipline yourself to stick to the time.

One method which some people use when it comes to time management, is to work on the introduction and conclusion last. During this period, it is assumed that the writer has a good grasp of the entire essay, and working on this parts would ensure that you remain on track.


Having gone through this piece, you would observe that there are quite a number of tips to help you remain in line when you are writing your medical treatment essay. It takes lots of practice to ensure that you get it right. You should also bear in mind that the more research studies and facts you have, sticking to the criteria for a good essay, amongst others, would make your essay more appealing to read.

A medical treatment essay needs to contain a firm and appealing introduction, a nice supportive main body, and a conclusion which touches the whole idea. This type of essay should be able to conveniently educate and convince the reader why the treatment should either be used or not.

A lot of planning and research needs to go into writing an essay, and once the writer is able to have a good grasp on the basis, the medical treatment essay writing would come out excellent.

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