Money Back Guarantee

If your order is late because you did not provide some required information or materials on-time or we could not reach you via contacts provided, then you can not claim a refund based on lateness.

Please, be advised that it is very important to provide valid contact information, including your email address and phone number, so that we can reach you when emergencies occur. If your order is late, but you still have time and would like to use the paper, we will recalculate the price according to previous deadline option.

The difference in price will be refunded to you.

If for any other reason your order is sent to you after the deadline and you do not need it any more, you can request a full refund. However, in such case, you cannot use the paper as it fully belongs to our company. We can decide to utilize it at our own discretion and also reserve the right to publish it online as a sample of our work.

If you make a double-payment
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You can request any refunds for the first 10 days after you receive your order. Later applications will not be considered.

Revision was delivered late. If such a situation happens, you can open a dispute. Please note that in case of a dispute no more revisions will be possible to order. You have to specify your request and our manager dispute will review your case. You can be offered a partial refund of up to 15% of the total cost. Each case is unique and construed in accordance with the situation and specifications.

You are not satisfied with the quality of the paper. Our company makes every effort to satisfy every return and every new customer. Nevertheless, there is always a range of clients, who claim that the quality of the paper. In this case, you must make a request to the dispute department and determine what is the cause of action. Disputes manager will review your case and if you are eligible for any possible return already mentioned, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that it can not be solved immediately, it usually takes about 7-10 days to resolve the matter.

If no writer has been found

Even though we have hundreds of professional writers in various fields of expertise, it can happen that for a complex urgent technical task all writers can be busy. In such unlikely case you will be notified as soon as possible and we will process the refund of your payment. We will never keep your order till the last minute thus leaving you with no other options.

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