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How To Write A Personal Experience Essay


This rhymes well with the scholar’s injunction that, above all, we should know ourselves. When we look at essays as thought forms, essentially problem-solving tools, we realize that writing a personal essay is about using thought to solve problems experienced in the self.

This means that we have goals and that we think to achieve our goals. Personal experience essays are personal goals essays. So we may ask why we should learn to write personal experience essays.

Writing personal essays is something we need to learn because our default mechanism as humans takes time to be able to tackle agency problems effectively. Problem-solving needs abstraction, and abstraction is developed in the ’20s. So the skill must be learned and nurtured.

How To Write A Personal Experience Essay

Let’s dig deeper into the topic “How To Write A Personal Experience Essay”.

Limitations to Consider while writing a Personal Experience Essay

  • Mindful awareness is a scarcity
  • There is a technique for personal essay writing
  • Personal experience essays are tailored to specific strategies
  • Personal goal essays are ways to fulfill our needs

Contemporary trends in science and knowledge are increasing in the view that humans are computational systems, and more specifically, they are computational agents. But human agents are not intelligent by default. Intelligence is an adaptive quality of goal achievement, and goals are functions of problem identification.

The idea is to try to be in a state where you can identify problems while escaping the mind’s inhibitions. And the inhibitions of the mind are natural to humans such that the act of creating human settlements and solving problems is an act of artificiality and is, in fact, artificial intelligence.

‘Artifice’ is the mother of settlement. To make a city or a civilization, humans generate things as solutions. Language is a solution to communication barriers, for example. Therefore personal essay writing is about making a solution to a problem. Systematic thinking for an intelligent human agent is personal goal appraisal through personal goal essays.

Daily practice is essential, even in a five-paragraph format. We say five paragraph formats because it is the most basic formation for an article. Personal essays are the activities we should incorporate with meditation as a daily practice for the scholar.

How To Write A Personal Essay
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Building Mindfulness

Personal essay writing is invalid when we fail to be mindful of our activities. Being mindful is about being aware of what we are doing, how we are doing it, and for what purpose we are doing it. When we lack this awareness, we fail to identify problems as they are. And our personal goals are suppressed.

Identity is crushed, and we revert to the slavery days of the past before we were initiated to learn the mysteries of logic and deception as a way of self-fulfillment.

But cognitive science has shown how we are prone to wander with our low attention spans. The dependence of the conscious state on the frequency of stimuli forms a kind of conditioning, and even more critical is our aversion to pain and pursuit of pleasure. Consider the Snow white story of the queen who talks to the mirror and asks, ‘who is the fairest of them all?’

The asking is akin to personal essay writing. As you think, so the mirror thinks. So your thoughts must be pure.

To be pure, then we need to be mindful. But how can one be mindful?

Here are simple exercises to help us.

  • Learning to follow your breath
  • Being an observer
  • Identifying problems that other agents wish to resolve
  • Following transactions and symbol exchanges

The personal goal essay is rooted in the reality of experience. And how is experience mediated? Think about this question for a moment. To experience something, we have to give that thing some attention.

But the mind needs to be trained to be attentive. The above exercises build awareness and help an agent be aware of its goals and identify how they can be achieved.

We could say that there is a healthy adaptation where the agent resolves problems instinctively. Or rather than through artifice and linguistic manipulation.

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Personal Goals Essay Technique

There is much rigor required for personal experience essays. There must be adherence to mathematical and physical laws, and these laws are discovered through various means. But in the end, there must be simulations to show the probability of each possible outcome.

This means that goals are objective facts within a social context and can be derived or seen by all agents. Personal experience essays then help us to identify our life scripts as modeled by Eric Berne.

We, therefore, pursue a technique of:

  • Identifying transitional objects
  • Growth management and control
  • Communal relation
  • Making of appropriate reality

Writing personal essays using the tools above helps us to achieve optimal results, and a settlement can be stabilized. Winnicott shows us what transitional objects are; they come from neither within the self nor outside, for an outside doesn’t yet exist for the infant.

What then connects the infant to the object that soothes or calms its hunger? It must be something about pleasure and resonance with general individual inclination operating at an unconscious level.

Symbolization comes later when the infant begins to know that the outside exists. During personal essay writing, can we identify what transitional objects we have carried along with our lifespans?

Rites of passage and worlds described by these rites allow us to find a balance between the within and the without. We need to ask ourselves whether we are conscious of the Worlds we live in and whether we have gone through the rites of passage for that world. Rites of passage must then be optimal and necessary for an individual to live a good life.

Our lessons when writing personal goals essays are functions of the demands of our worlds as we negotiate from a transitional object to a symbolic object.

Strategies To Consider When Applying Technique In Personal Goals Essay

An ideal personal goals essay entails a strategy of the non-zero-sum order. Remember that the individual needs thought to solve a problem. But if the problem is of a zero-sum outcome, then the particular agent cannot be able to spend their resources optimally.

Therefore the best way is to find win-win solutions to personal problems even as we write about others in our personal experience essays. It is much like saying that the best outcome in a chess game is the draw, not the win.

Consider some topics that can be used for the personal experience essay: is it possible for us to see the problems we were solving? In the same measure, we should be acutely aware of the issues we seek to address when writing personal essays.

Conditions need to be considered

  • What informs your role in the social context?
  • How can we execute our function best while preserving the other(s)?
  • What relations have more weight in a specific context?
  • Are there institutions and realities that need to be built or remembered?

Because social forces cause birth and death, our primary goal can only be to resolve the tension inherent in your social production. But since you are an autonomous being, the psycho-physiological system that develops the infant begins with primary existential priorities like forming limbs.

Therefore, there must be a difference between what the infant perceives from within and the symbolic interactions. They must relate to that which happens within the social context.

Mediating the internal and external forms is the basis for the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘psychology’ of the human infant. It extends to a greater extent to all human beings.

Personal goals essays are supposed to be to live a good life. And the good life is one in which the inner and the outer are reconciled. This reconciliation is done through the use of symbols and rituals, and scripts surrounding the games that people play, a la Berne.

It is a radical philosophy for an individual to decompile their psychological program and be able to create a new program. Personal essay writing is about acquiring this power.

Satisfying Hunger Using Personal Experience Essays

Eric Berne and others have approached the study of human psychology in terms of ‘hunger’ or a sense of ‘deprivation’. The question is, can this deprivation be satisfied? And how can we go about satisfying this hunger?

The anatomy of hunger goes beyond the physical and into the desire for balance between the inner and the outer. The personal goal essay is about this deeper hunger. What needs to be fed, and why is it not getting satiated? How are the typical transactions in a given ecology impeding the satisfaction of this hunger?

Personal essay writing is about finding the code behind this hunger and the behavior elicited in pursuit of the hunger. Considering this situation, why do witnesses to the same event often give conflicting versions of the event?

We see according to our hunger. So the transactions in your personal goal essays are calculated to reach a given effect. The effect is your communal life and enjoyment of communal life. This is great healing, and we seek it when we write personal experience essays.

Imagine a scenario in which your personal experience essay is about your encounter with a famous person, says the King. What will you present to him? Usually, the clothes sell you out. The story of unmet hunger is brought forth, and only the sage can save you. So the personal experience essay is a preparation for the future.

The mediation of the inner and the outer is eternal. This is what tradition describes ‘the Kingdom of Heaven. The conflict behind personal essay writing is called the ‘Kingdom of darkness. A personal experience essay is the generation of a sample of experience in thought form, following a form of logic, intending to satisfy hunger.

Types of hunger:

  • Stimulus hunger
  • Recognition of hunger
  • Contact hunger
  • Sexual Hunger
  • Time structural hunger
  • Incident hunger

A game is determined by the most urgent hunger and the social relations that obstruct the satisfaction of this hunger. Human behavior is driven more by hunger than by the learning associated with the daily practice of meeting this hunger. Therefore our problem-solving essay, we aid an in-depth investigation into ourselves.


We resolve the conflict between the inner and the outer when we attribute symbols to the transitional objects and thus outgrow them in every phase of our lives. Knowing the time when writing personal essays is, therefore, critical. So is understanding the dynamics of hunger carried into the experience?

Profiling can be done to a reasonable degree of certainty if the person observed, and in this case, observing themselves knows the hunger. The resultant is the behavior, the effect, and the phase of life that one is passing through psycho-physiologically.

Therefore a personal experience essay needs to be precise on these aspects for it to be helpful in your life.


Human action is driven by an intrinsic economic framework that demands that various fits of hunger be met in any given context. How this financial system is mediated is the culture of a people.

Personal essay writing studies this sublime economic system that is perhaps not controlled by any social class. Theories of class conflict then may not apply in any critical theory, for which, in this case, personal goals essays are critiques of an individual’s mode of production.

Labor value is measured broadly, not just in purchasing capacity or investing ability.

A personal experience essay, therefore, is a practice of freedom where directions of labor and value creation are deconstructed and renegotiated. Personal goals become collective goals as we rely on the mutual dependence we owe each other given the common geographical and ecological contexts.

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