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How To Write Problem Solution Essay | Conflict Resolution Essays

How can we know how we can best write problem-solution essays? We must remember that problems and solutions are things that an agent uses to maximize its use and purpose. If, for example, an agent failed to know its purpose, it would have no way of knowing what it would consider a problem and what would constitute a solution.

Again, it would be difficult for an agent to differentiate symptoms from the disease. This makes life so hard for an agent since little action by the agent seems to bear desired effects.

There is internal and external conflict; given the few things a human can do, life is deemed short, nasty, and brutish. The cause of human suffering is the inability to generate clear and accurate problem statements and find the correct solutions.

How To Write Problem Solution Essay | Conflict Resolution Essays


Problem Solution Essay Structure | Conflict Resolution Essay Structure

Problem and solution essays are thought structures that are designed to:

  • Perceive internal states
  • Perceive external relations
  • Identify problems
  • Find optimal solutions to the problems.

Conflict resolution essays are thoughts generated by computations embodied in the human or other intelligent agents as a corporate organization.

Yoav Shoham has introduced the Agent-Oriented Paradigm where agents are all objects that can be given mental attributes, provided three conditions are met. These conditions are:

  • Having a precise theory regarding the particular mental category that is explicit in common language
  • A demonstration that a machine component obeys the law explicated
  • A demonstration that the theory is non-trivial in the explanation required by an agent.

Any agent is considered to have beliefs, free will, intentions, consciousness, abilities, capabilities, and commitments, among others; and that adapts through informing, requesting, offering, promising, and is specifically constrained by requirements of honesty, consistency and other related qualities that sustain relationship equilibria.

When we consider these agency qualities rigorously, we begin to know how we can correctly identify problems and the solutions we can generate for them.

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Object/Agent Relations In Conflict Resolution Essays / Problem Solution Essays

Donald Winnicott lets us into a secret about human cognition systems by showing the emergence of transitional objects in the infant. The transitional object is a thing that appears to mediate and alleviate the internal and external state of the infant.

Other writers have shown how it is possible that adult humans also generate transitional objects.

That is, it is highly probable that most, if not all, intelligent agents generate transitional objects. This proposition and the next of how we can know the difference between the ‘internal state’ and the ‘external state’ of a being is that of ascription by the agent since the transitional object is neither from within nor without.

An essay on conflict resolution can only emerge under the conditions that an agent is self-aware. Therefore if we want to generate conflict essays, we should:

  • Conduct agent identification and self-identification
  • Generate a consistent and fitting worldview that fits in with relations
  • Define and appraise game computation contexts
  • Develop formulae on how to think about different classes and optimal requirements.

By an agent being aware of its purpose, which is derived from the basic premises assigned above, it can identify problems as the class of all classes that impede the actualization and optimization of purpose.

Human purpose is assigned and integrated into the personality via the ecological relations surrounding the individual agent. So is it also with artificial agents? The purpose is a variable that emerges from the primitive structure of an individual’s existence.

Problem solution essays are far from linear considerations as we wish to have them. A linear view permits us to see as if the sun goes around the earth, but complexity tells us that it is the earth that moves around the sun.

In the same way, if an individual would ascribe to himself a role that is not apparent to his ecological surroundings, then the individual would be deemed as mad. For example, consider the poor but wise man who could save a city from ruin but whom nobody cared to listen to.

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Game Computations And Initial Conditions As Problem Markers

If purpose determines the role of an intelligent agent, then it is upon the agent to determine how best to articulate their role in an ecosystem. This task is prompted by ‘hunger’ as Eric Berne states in his thesis that a game is an activity generated to meet the hunger we experience as we interact with our environments.

Using familiar thought patterns and social conventions, an agent can subconsciously generate games. These games are essentially about how a particular hunger experienced by an agent can be met, given ecological conditions.

Therefore the perception of discomfort or disease does not necessarily correspond to a problem on a one-to-one basis. For one to perceive a problem correctly, there is a need to:

  • Observe ‘pure’ primitive conditions for cognition
  • Balance the use of linear and non-linear cognition of situations
  • Move from transitional object to symbol with clarity
  • Simulate events or phenomena with the intention of a keen semiotic and interpretive understanding.

Problem and solution or Conflict Resolution Essays are best generated when the human system is at its primitive state. Winnicott shows how the infant moves from the oral posture to the genital structure, and there is a wide consensus that there is a psycho-physiological trend in human growth.

This trend is defined by how biological systems develop. But these systems are regulated by the spine and brain regions where the major plexuses are located. Therefore, the knowledge of the ancients dictated that the ideal scholar be dedicated to a life of purity and near-religious observance.

In this sense, we are to view all other intelligent agents as we try to decipher their actions and if they pose problems to us. That is, if the agents or situations pause an existential threat to us.

Ancient practices like meditation and active self-observation yield the exact pattern of things, and we can identify problems.

Ecological Balances Of Power

We have now described how we can begin to know whether problems exist or not. What we need now is to understand how to generate solutions. If the purpose is a variable that emerges in game situations, then we have multiple selves like quantum superpositions that only wait for the moment described by a game context.

The primitive computational structures of the human agent, and by extension, all agents, are of such a nature that they unconsciously compute for optimal conditions. The organism organizes itself unconsciously, even to the genetic level.

The primitive computational structures of the ideal intelligent agent are as follows:

  • Identity computations and structures embodied in the ‘brain’ or brain equivalent
  • Identity computation based on motivation and self-worth appraisal
  • Identity computation based on capability
  • Identity computation is based on dependence.

Other agents are also cognized from a similar model, and each agent can be reverse engineered using the Unified Modeling Language conventions so that we can have as many simulations of events as possible.

Given the requirements of the various agents in the ecosystem, we can find optimal solutions that can settle conflict resolution essays. An essay on conflict resolution is about differently defined problems that are shared among agents who choose cooperative or competitive strategies; therefore, one must be able to see the world from each agent’s perspective hence the ascription of theories of mind.

Species Formation And Thriving As Solution To Conflict Essay

We can consider each agent as a problem solution essay. Species emphasize the purpose of agencies given statistical realities of a specific game context. As long as there is reproduction and game conditions are nearly constant, then it must follow that a species will flourish in a given context.

Given that any atom can be deemed as an agent since it’s electronic and the necessary relation with the photonic structure necessarily denotes a psychological structure embodied in various forms of objects and agents, it can be shown that agency is an emergent feature of the being of atoms.

The universe the time emerges from itself, and every new agent is a response to the game conditions surrounding the particular agent. In a cosmology of creative emergence recapitulated by human cognition systems, problem solutions are generated from the unconscious and articulated for further symbolization.

Synthesis Through Essay Writing

Conflict essays are, therefore, the results of deep introspection and allowing the unconscious of articulating itself through controlled conditions like meditation or dreaming. We have already shown how we are to configure our conscious minds by making the considerations explained above.

But given the limitations of the conscious mind like short attention spans and the reliance on recency of stimulus, it cannot compute the requirements of the problems posed and the quality of solutions they require. Therefore, a way must be found to link the conscious with the unconscious for a determined purpose, which is the intelligent agent’s first objective.

Therefore the Problem Solution Essay or Conflict Resolution Essay must be produced after all the above conditions have been observed and:

  • Create special moments for meditation
  • Outline ideas that have been presented during the meditation session
  • Work out the explanation and eisegesis of the received text from the unconscious
  • Enact the idea of using the problem and solution essay.

All essays have the following structure:

Essay Structure


Given that the conscious and unconscious processes have generated a problem and solution formulation, an agent must use a logical and common language to express its findings to another.

Traditionally, the master gave such essays orally and in coded form like allegory or parable. In written literature, we may need to find something appealing yet intriguing to the mind when presenting a problem and the necessity for its resolution. Usually, the central thesis is presented last so that the main body can be about its proof.

The principal idea in this section is described by how agents elicit actions from other agents and norms of relation. Eric Berne shows how transactional analysis is useful in finding the most appropriate introduction that resonates with the intended audience.

Main Body

An essay on conflict resolution is then advanced in the main body by presenting the logical proof of the assertion in the introduction. Rules of logic and language determine the ordering of the argument, but one should always be keen on the definition of truth and the means for finding the truth.

In a conflict essay, we know that the source of the conflict is in the game conditions and the primitive computational systems of the agents involved. Therefore objections and counters by other agents need to be considered.


The final part of the problem solution essay is a reminder of the introduction and the logical conclusion of the argument presented in the main body. We need to ensure that the solution is implementable with efficiency and effectiveness; therefore, we must remind ourselves of the basis of our confidence.

In this case, this must be the most likely statistical behaviour of involved agents and the equilibrium they are most likely to form. Since one of the main aims of scientific models is prediction and behaviour regulation, the conclusion ends with a prescription that is supposed to change an agent’s behaviour accordingly.


This article has highlighted the importance of knowing what a problem is concerning an agent and the basic considerations for practical problem-solving. Philosophical questions often proven intractable are now easy to understand if we use the agent-oriented paradigm in programming.

This has, in turn, facilitated some serious changes in how we perceive science and how we can use science to solve our day-to-day problems that, as we have seen, emerge from interactions.

We have thus shown how a scholar can quickly and reliably produce high-quality problem and solution essays that have depth and grasp of the complex environments in which we operate. We can now state that we know how to write a conflict essay.

That concludes the article on How To Write Problem Solution Essay. Hope you have enjoyed the article on How To Write Problem Solution Essay | Conflict Resolution Essays. If you liked our blog Best Essayes, please share.

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