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A profile essay should act as a work of journalism that provides a realistic representation of the subject. Most students find it difficult to write a profile essay because it differs slightly with the normal essay. Your observations and interviews will provide you with the necessary information to reinforce your essay. A profile essay example can include descriptions about a person, an event or scenery. You can use conversations, stories or quotes to reinforce your essay. A profile essay can be both objective and subjective. Writing a profile essay can be challenging, especially for students who have never written this type of essay before but the tips below will help you master this art in no time.


The first step to master anything is to learn from others. Likewise, the best way to be a good essay writer is to learn by reading successful profile essays. You can access such materials from public libraries and via online sources. People with experience and knowledge about writing profile essays are also good sources of information.

Choose a Subject

Pick a subject who can be easily available in case you are required to conduct an interview. When writing an example of personality profile essay of a celebrity, mention any scandals and controversies associated with them. This will make your essay more intriguing and captivating.

In case you have to conduct an interview, the following guidelines will help you.

  • Define your Objectives

Before conducting an interview you should have a list of objectives you want to achieve. This is the sole purpose of this activity. Questions such as who, where, what and how are effective for getting the correct information.

  • Research

Make sure you learn about your subject's personal and professional life. This will help you to define the type of questions to ask. You will avoid embarrassment by asking informed questions.

  • Be a Good Listener

In order for you to get the most out of the interview, you must be keen because you don't want to repeat a question. Treat the interview like a dialogue and be fully involved. At the end of the interview you should have gathered enough information to help you write your essay.

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This is the most demanding part of your work. It involves putting your ideas, observations, and evidence on paper. There are three basic parts of a profile essay.

  1. Introduction

The main objective is to get the reader's attention, defines the importance of the essay and ends by summarizing the main points. It contains important points which are later detailed in the essay. You should write your introduction with a connection to the title. In an example of a profile essay about your role model, the introduction should be about the early background of the subject, important events and achievements.

  1. Body

The points mentioned in the introduction are elaborated here. The first sentence of each paragraph begins with an idea. These paragraphs support the idea by using verifiable information from reliable sources. The ideas in the body should be presented as they appear in the introduction. You can compare ideas, define them, give examples or a captivating tip. The length of the sentences is not limited. Providing relevant information makes the essay appealing to the reader. The first sentence of a paragraph informs the reader on the details. Prove your points by presenting concrete evidence. The details of the essay can be debated. The evidence can be statistics, experiences or quotes. Make sure the last sentence of your previous paragraph connects to the next paragraph.

  1. The Conclusion

When writing a conclusion you are simply paraphrasing your essay. Readers should realize when they are coming to the end of an essay. Only the ideas contained in the essay can be mentioned here. You can end using a quote or by calling people to act on a situation. In a personal profile essay example of a corrupt leader, you can conclude by calling citizens to impeach him. The conclusion is designed to show that the information given in the essay is true. This is because if the description given in the essay is true then without a doubt the essay is factual. When writing long essays the conclusion may include more than one paragraph.

Although the conclusion gives a brief account of the essay, avoid using the same language. Some conclusions are designed to answer questions or provide suggestions. For example, your essay may be significant to a certain group of people, a different era or a geographical location. Also, it might motivate or discourage your readers about an activity, place or habit. Good profile essays end in a charming manner by either including a bizarre fact or even a joke.

When writing a conclusion of an example of a profile essay the following list will help you.

Things You Should Consider

  • Write a short preview of the major points

  • Opt to use a quotation

  • End with a thought-provoking question

  • Give advantages, results or consequences

  • You can also end by motivating your readers,

Things to Avoid

  • Bringing a new idea

  • Apologizing for your views

  • Continuing the explanation of points

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Profile Essay Example for College

Reading many profile essays will give you an insight of what you are expected to do. The following example should do so.

Signs and Types of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is more than physical abuse; the purpose of an abuser is to gain control over the victim. The victim could be a spouse, a family member or even someone they are dating. There are various types of abuse, for example, physical, financial, spiritual, verbal and emotional abuse. Abusers often exhibit signs and attitudes that are obvious. People who are abused can find help in various institutions. Violence affects both children and adults emotionally and physically.

Physical abuse is the use of physical might in ways that could harm the other person. Physical abuse often manifests in relationships and families. Parents and other family members might abuse children. Physical abuse can be in many forms like biting, scratching, choking, hitting, physical limitation and using weapons against the victim. The abuse starts slowly and then with time it increases. The perpetrator often uses blame and guilt against the victim. Sometimes they direct their blame on drugs, alcohol, and their moods.

Financial abuse happens when the abuser over the financial control to restrict the other person from leaving. Many times, women are unable to leave such relationships because they fear that their children will suffer. They feel that they will not be able to care of their children and cater for their needs. Financial abuse like physical abuse starts slowly and then it progresses with time. Financial abusers will argue you to leave your occupation, deny you access to bank accounts and properties, limiting the amount of money they give you, complaining about the amount you spend, and making important decisions without you. Being vigilant and protecting yourself from financial abusers is critical. Maintaining privacy when it comes to your financial information will keep the abuser from tampering with your money. When getting a loan don't sign it with an abuser.

Spiritual abuse is the action of imposing your religious values and beliefs on others in a way that oppresses or controls them. Spiritual abuse corrodes one's self-esteem and builds their guilt and eventually separates them.

Verbal abuse has happened to many people in different situations for example at home, work, school and in public places. Abusers use words to belittle their victims through insults, public shaming, and shouting.

Physical, financial, verbal, and spiritual abuse are inhumane acts that belittle and corrode the confidence of other people. When faced with any kind of abuse, you can always reach out to organizations and institutions who are dedicated to helping victims through their journey.

Examples of Profile Essay Topics to choose from

  1. Write about professional authors. How much do you think these people make?

  2. Do you think the death penalty should be introduced? Give your reasons

  3. What is an event that you have attended lately?

  4. Who is your role model and what makes him/her stand out?

  5. Write about street families and how they can be rehabilitated

  6. Write about professional athletes


Profile essays give in-depth information about a subject by stating their relevance. Although writing a profile essay is tiresome and difficult, proper organization and research will minimize the stress. The introduction should reflect on the topic. It should also give an idea of what to expect in the essay. The body acts as s substantial element of the essay. The subject is clearly described. The conclusion gives a review of the essay. Writing a profile essay becomes a simple task when you are prepared.

Now, don't you see how much easier writing a profile essay becomes once you know what's supposed to be done? Make use of these tips and personal profile essay example provided, and you're bound to write a great essay.

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