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Some of the notable essay writers in American history, the likes of Washington Irving and the rest, blessed us with some of the famous satirical essays and once or twice you've bumped into them during your literature assignments at the library. Well, what did you think of their works? How where and how did you find them? One thing about literature is that is have lived through time and is most times immune to the new trends that come about with various generations. You'd sit back and think that the millennial generation is doing things differently, but looking keenly you'd appreciate that it's just a slight mutation in their writing style and that it all boils down to the literature by our forefathers.

What has been continuously changing over time since the industrial age and now the new era of technology is the new ideas and opinions when it comes to crafting literature. That has brought into play some of the new forms of writing like the satirical essays which we're going to focus on today. In this paper, we're going to look at a step-by-step approach to writing essays on satire and get you all prepared for the assignment that's coming your way. But first let's first look at what satirical essays are;

What is an Essay on Satire?

You're all familiar with the word satire; some have even used it once or twice during your day to day conversations or maybe in literature writing. A parody is a form of literary tool used in a book that aims at ridiculing it's subject and mostly used to provoke the situation through the use of exaggeration, humor, and irony.

For instance;

Man set foot on the moon before putting wheels on luggage bags

Such a humor statement aims to ridicule the priorities of humans, and they tend to focus on big things and forget about the basic things that matter the most.

Essays on satire, make use of this to put across some of the various issues affecting the society, and in the process, solutions can be derived from them. Based on the information our team researched and collected, we finally settled for satirical essay writing as the most challenging amongst all the academic papers assigned to students. The challenging aspect comes in as students are asked to gather lots of information on a given subject. And based on the information and facts they collect, formulate an essay using humor to express the ongoing situation.

Humor is a very integral aspect satire essays use to express information. However, this doesn't qualify every form of fun but rather locks out some of them. Besides, some fun is overly provocative and cannot be fit for an academic setup. The main issues come in when writers asked to come up with a working topic from which they are expected to build their essay on satire. As easy and straightforward as it might sound, picking a satirical essay topic is a major challenge for many, and that's where the main problem comes in.

Choosing issues from the many subjects and areas one could make humor of is a tiring process. Imagine a whole essay just writing to create mood on a given topic? While struggling to understand and master the writing style, keep in mind that the entire process of incorporating humor, hyperbole, and exaggeration will follow through.

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Appreciating the Satirical Essay Assignment

It's a popular opinion among most professional writers that before you begin to compose the essay on satire, it would be best if you analyze the assignment inside out and know what the instructor is expecting in your paper.

  • Has the project asked you to satire a topic or base your humor on a given subject in the society
  • What is the preferred length of the essay on satire
  • Is there any technical information the writer is expected to be familiar with before sitting down to compose the satirical essay
  • What's the structure and literature style to apply in your paper
  • What's the tone to be used? Is it formal or casual?
  • Which perspective should you take when narrating the text? Is it first, second, or third person

One thing about satire is one can base the writing on first-person narration and effectively express the intended information. This offers lots of options as a writer can now be able to loop in some of the many tools like the use of social and cultural elements into your satire essays depending on the various topics that can be questioned.

Once you have this in mind, you need to dig further and learn more about the use of satire in literature writing, more so in the academic setup.

Many students opt to use the internet to give them the necessary guidance they need in coming up with some of red many academic assignments they're issued with. Well, it is a rich source that we agree, and it formed part of our research in formulating this guide. In this article, we're giving you much more than what the other internet sources can offer. After all, aren't we the internet. There are some of the important elements that instructors are always on the lookout for, and that's what we kept in mind while formulating this guide. By the conclusion of this paper, you should be confident enough to face any satire essays that will come your way.

Out there, we have some of the famous satirical essays by some of the renowned writers. A good student would go through them to get a better understanding of what we're trying to communicate. While going through some of the famous satirical essays, you should be able to appreciate the classic use of these literary tools to express the information in humor and still stay relevant and logical. Don't be mistaken for this process to be as easy as it might seem, there's more to it than meets the eye, and you should look keenly to find out what's up.

The most common thing among all academic papers and will remain to be is the format. Just like most other academic papers, essays on satire use the same form of introduction, body, and conclusion to arrange the information in the text. Nonetheless, they contain some distinctive features that are only privy to satire essays, and this is based on the composition and content. Satirical essays are a bit different from the other academic papers, and this you'll be able to appreciate once you analyze the famous satirical essays examples and be keen enough to note.

What are the Factors to Address Before Writing?

Once you've understood what the assignment needs, keeping in mind all the instructions the lecturer gave you, let's now go ahead and appreciate some of the winning tips applied in most satirical essays.

Topic Selection

There's not a limit to the humor that we come across in our day to day activities. This should make it easy for one to settle for a winning satire essay topic. Go for items you're more interested in to make the writing more fun and even better you can be able to give your thoughts on the subjects through the use of humor as an element of literature. While at this, stick to being objective with your topic selection. The trending topics are most preferable, due to the media hype. Satire essay topics based on subjects that people can quickly identify themselves with. The satirical essay topic you settle for must give room for humor and irony application in expressing information to your reader.

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Moderate Sarcasm

Sarcasm might as well turn out to be overly provocative if not well used or if overused by the writer. One is required to master the art of satire used in academic literature writing to express their opinions and make their points without being overly provocative while at the same time, staying relevant and logical. An excellent approach to this would be to reach out to your instructor and seek for guidelines on the extent of humor one is expected to apply and the limits. Keep in mind that other readers might be having a different point of view and might end up contradicting with whatever you're saying. The sarcasm would heighten the opposition and bring about issues that could have otherwise been avoided in the first place.

Your Point of View

While tackling your essay on satire, you have a preferred stance that you took and would wish to tailor your paper in that direction. What's your point of view? This is an objective and winning question a good student should be asking him/herself before starting to compose the paper. Your goal is to bring your point home and give the readers a take-home message that might necessitate the change that is expected in society. So, how best will you achieve this? The goal is to narrow down your focus on a specific aspect and keep off being too general.

  • What do you think of your satirical essay?
  • How effectively will you achieve irony?
  • Will the satire essay be that funny?

Put Your Facts Together

This is the assembling of the information you gathered during your research. Based on the outline, you came up with, and a student is required to formulate a winning paper that will win the hearts of many readers. Are you ready to start composing your satirical essay or you're still not satisfied with the information you gathered? Well, if that's the case, go ahead and do more research to heighten the humor you're looking forward to expressing. Meanwhile, consider this;

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